The Demise of Def Jux?

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Highly incendiary rumors are floating about concerning the collapse of EL-P’s baby, Definitive Jux Records. Aesop Rock on the verge of signing to Rhymesayers? Makes sense taking into account Felt 3 and Ace Rizzle’s permanent jaunt to the West Coast. Another question mark is the claim of $200K+ in debt beleaguering the label. The original post also takes note of Cage’s 180 from white rage to white guilt.

The end of an era? Baseless internet fodder? Anyone know……or care?


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UPDATE: This is Slug’s statement: “there have been no discussions about aesoprock joining our roster.
seems like some unreliable-source-shit is going on.
plus, for a piece that is attempting to bring you the hot gossip, they sure did take some time to give their unfavorable opinions on cage.
whole piece smells like horseshit.
don’t believe the wipe.”

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