The Best Remix Of The Decade You’ll Never Hear About

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Boards of Canada being given this track can only be chalked up to pure genius.  Beck’s startlingly bleak, resonating yarn spun of woe and his vocal nuance were clay to be molded by the minds of BOC.  Where the original spares itself in dramatics; opting on a cough syrup-soaked lightness, BOC’s imagining is headswirlingly-layered and seemingly empathetic in addition to aptly chasing chasing Beck’s lead. First we’re treated to the classic Reverse Fuzz Sunrise melody. As it begins to settle, your ears are filled with a wave of sonically-Pollocked drums in patterns conjuring up love, loss, lust and lies. But somehow retaining it’s oddly peaceful frame painstakingly crafted by BOC. Every time the snare falls over itself it demands attention and lands squarely on its feet. The mournful chants of Beck taking on an entirely new life by surfing above the wide open space offered by BOC. An enigmatic duo who take an ordinary song and reanimate all of it to a perfectly loud, nightmare/daydream with a beginning, middle, and end that make you want to be there.

I see you there
Your long black hair
Your eyes just stare
Your mind is turning

You know I’ll laugh
And I won’t take it back
I’ve seen your eyes I know
What you’re thinking

And one by one
We’ll shoot our guns
We’ll have fun
Don’t ever doubt it

And when I say
Fare thee well
My only friend
Oh how the days go

Your setting sun
Your broken drum
Your little drugs

I’ll never forget you


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