The Almighty $amhill – The Preface EP

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This is the world premier of the debut solo release from The Almighty $amhill, who delivers The Preface for you to chew on while he completes work on his first album. With beats from Preservation (Mos Def), RTNC (Timeless Truth), Superstar Dave Dar (Luv NY) as well as some self-produced tracks, the EP offers $am’s brutally honest views on broads, dames and lames. This is that unkut, raw New York rap that lives and breathes the mean streets of The Bronx. -Unkut

Very glad to see this come out. $amhill has dropped some tantalizing crumbs of material over the last few years, but never more than sporadic loose tracks. As I’ve mentioned before he’s a great writer with a fairly unique approach to the classic NY style. His rhymes are often obtuse, packed with painful details and smart insights into his own past. His delivery is somehow both frantic and nonchalant at once, it leaves the impression of a man who is very comfortable with his thoughts moving at a mile per minute and expects you to keep up. This is immersive listening, something that demands repeat plays and close attention before revealing itself in full. But it’s worth the effort.

DOWNLOAD: The Almighty $amhill – The Preface EP

The full trackslist and some examples from the EP are below.
Premiered via Unkut





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