The 2009 Register Vol.7: iCon the Mic King

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When Employee asked me to write one of these I was at a loss for what to talk about…as I often am when people ask me to tell them stories about where I go and what I do. It’s kind of a problem I have where I’m not as mindful of my accomplishments as I should be because I’m always trying to get to the next thing. I also hate qualifying. I’m the dude that’ll tell a hot bird my dayjob is picking up animal dookie at the petting zoo. However skimming through the writings of the other guys (except MB…I totally skipped that philabuster) made me get more perspective on my year. Then I wrote it and it was dumb long and I had a nightmare where I was pelted with “didn’t read” emoticons.

I started the year wasting my life at a job I hated and on some probation called “accelerated rehab” for some bullshit with a cop in July of 08 which means once it was over I still have no criminal record and can still get into the UK and Canada unless they call Interpol. I ended the year happy as fuck with no job, on unemployment, and officially free of a woman I now only refer to using words like “paramour” and “succubus.”

In between all that:

-I ran a half-marathon for Crohn’s Disease & Ulcerative Colitis raising over 4 stacks. It was an incredible experience. I met a lot of great people and after I get in more stable space I definitely want to do some more fundraising and running for them and maybe some other different causes.

-Had my first probation officer who was a fly young puerto rican woman that found me a bit too charming say “I can’t supervise you…for obvious reasons” and gave me that look, crossed her legs, and bit her lip ever so slightly. Yeah I feel like my life is a movie a lot.

-went to Disneyland & Disneyworld in the same month.

-rocked a show in a Frat House in St. Louis with my very good friend DJ Fishr Pryce. Bronz Nazareth was on the bill. It was mad fun wildin out with Asher Roth demographic. They made us honorary brothers and I made enough money to spread it out on the bed and bang that girl on top of it.

-had sex while driving 80 mph leaving Disneyworld for the airport. Don’t try this at home. Please I was temporarily insane when I did that and it was incredibly exhilarating, but don’t do it. Ever.

-attended WMC & SXSW. Still don’t see the point of either except that I got to kill shit with Fishr Pryce at SXSW. He’s my main touring dj and we didn’t get to rock together that much this year but we stay on some guerilla shit at SXSW. Last year we equipped his car with turntables and a speaker and just stopped the car and rocked whenever we felt like it.

-went on a US tour with Sole, Awol One, Ceschi, Factor, and more. There were some really fun shows and then there were nights like when someone came to the merch booth and asked me “don’t you feel honored to be sitting next to Sole?” ***blank stare***

-I shot a couple videos with my friend Awar and the talented Matt Hobbs of Vital Films. Felt good to finally have something visual that matched what goes on in my head for these rhymes I write.

-Recorded on original Ayatollah and Alchemist production.

-Went on another European tour with Dos-Noun the day me and the aforementioned female cut the cord and I basically did all the stupid shit I had stopped doing years ago. Bagged some French models, got invited to “Drunk & Sex Orgy” parties by a Czech porn star (I declined), and running into women from my past. It’s all a blur but man did we have fun. Well I had fun, Dos complained.

-Killed basically every show I did. I’m obviously not famous but whether you like what I do or not there’s something positive to be said about a rapper that can walk in a room full of people (whether it’s America or overseas) that don’t know his name, face, or music and can make people rock with him like they been fans for years. On some tin foil hat shit I discovered something I call the “Spirit of the Party.”

-I played a few festivals on my own merit. No co-signs. no nothing. Just me on the main stage killin shit. YES! I love when I get the shot. I always deliver.

-I opened for the Ying Yang Twins in Dublin. HAHAHAHAHHA. That is all.

-Partied with basketball players in Strausborg, France. I walked up to a club and they walked up behind me and I heard ’em talkin and I’m like “what is y’all American?” and they was like word… and I’m like word me too and then I’m bout to pay for the club and they like “naw he with us” Rest of the night was like a rap video. I woke up in somebody’s crib like where am I and what happened? Got out in enough of time to catch the train to the next city. Another movie night.

-I lived in Prague for a summer in a penthouse. Hung out, partied, rocked shows, drank Czech beer, and enjoyed a psuedo celebrity lifestyle in which I gained a lot of weight. Good times.

-Reconnected with the homies Solillaquists of Sound. We did a couple shows and ultimately Swamburger and I decided we are doing an album that he fully produces and I rap. He brought me out for A3C in Atlanta and put me officially down with the Second Subject family. I kicked it in the new Solilla Manor, we knocked out a track and he threw me some beats. It’s going to be an interesting project because he is trying to get me to record in such a way that I sound the way I do live. He’s also trying to get me to harness and refine my many styles. I’m really looking forward to seeing what comes of this project.

-Got down with this label in London called Tape Records for my electronic project with a guy named Animals on Wheels. We’re called Robots with Hearts. They flew me out to London to do some media stuff, record, and attend the label launch. We recorded in SARM studios. If you can name someone famous that has recorded in London they have recorded there. In fact Shakira was in the studio while I was there as was the bassist for Jeff Beck. It was an incredible experience that I almost blew by staying out late partying with my homies in London. I dropped by the Foreign Beggars video shoot and ended up drunk in the middle of the street tryna get a cab to stop for me. Once I realized it was like 6am and I had a session at 11am and nothing written I went into a full scale panic that would render me retarded. The songs I recorded that day I think I did like 300 takes. Suffice to say I got a good night’s rest the following night and came in a lot more prepared. Then after what seemed like the millionth photo shoot I met Shakira briefly and went to sleep in an apartment they said Bob Marley slept in when he recorded there. Yep…my life is a movie. Oh yeah they dropped the vinyl EP for our record too and it’s on iTunes. Go get that.

-Went back out to Europe in November. American heads got me lookin at Europe like the ball players do. So I figured I’d jump over for 10 days and try out the new material before I brought it out at home. Sorta like trying out my new crossover on these cats before I bring it back to the league. I got down with the Herbaliser band for a couple shows. Rocked for a sold out crowd in Prague. 900 people.

Continuing with the basketball metaphor, rocking with the Herbaliser was the equivalent of coming off the bench for a championship team scoring 40 and sitting my ass back down watchin them win the game. Rumor has it we might do some more in the future. YES!

-I dropped a new album with Chum. I had a lot of fun making fun honest music with good lyrics and people that like to go out and party and come to shows love it. So I’ve succeeded in reintroducing myself (as MiC K!NG) to the people that actually go out to shows and enjoy music. People from my past that I haven’t seen in years are finally embracing what I do because of this record and this is just the outtakes from the main album. So I’m very happy and can’t wait to see what happens when the self-titled Cool-Aide album drops. Big shout out to Slug. Much appreciated. Big ups to Has-Lo as well ( Shout out to Elzhi too, he’s very talented. Thank to you my best friend Ceschi and Fake Four. Thank you to everyone who is getting down and showing love. I’m indebted to you forever….and I truly appreciate you.

The one truly negative thing that happened in my world this year is I lost my grandmother. There’s not much I can/want say about that to convey the void it’s created but even so I have to say something. I’d never been to a funeral before. I’d never really lost a close relative before. So suffice to say my family and I were devestated in a lot of ways. But at the same time it pushed me to stop wasting time with a lot of things that ultimately don’t matter and just seize the moment. So through that overwhelming loss, I grew and although my grandmother is gone she taught me to keep perservering so that’s what I’ma keep on doing….

So yeah. 2009 is over and it was a great year. Time to make 2010 even better.

Thank you.


-MiC K!NG (fka iCON the Mic King)

p.s. Catch me on tour in Canada in January. I will be performing a set of Drake cover songs. Also US & European tours coming soon. Going to be EVERYWHERE in 2010.


A tip of the hat to iCon the Mic King. More iCon here, here and here.


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