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Chad Sexington & Purple Tape Pedigree Present – Yacht Rap II: Nighttime Vultures

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013
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First there was Yacht Rap, and it was good. Then there was Low Speed Chase, and that was also good. Now comes the next saga in the continuous rap-adventures of Chad. Still aboard Morgengruss X, adrift somewhere in (warm) parts unknown, Mr. Sexington linked up with Messrs. Grizzly and Note of Purple Tape Pedigree/Fresh Out The Box Radio to compile another set of smoothplayalisticyachtmuzik anthems for your enjoyment. So once again, douse the supermodels in Dom Pérignon’52 until their sarongs are see-through and enjoy.
Phil & Sonny & Ricardo & Caroline – Intro
Curren$y – Biscayne Bay (Prod. Harry Fraud)
Fiend – Champagne (Feat. Curren$y)
Max B – We Be On Our Shit (Feat. Jim Jones)
G-Side – The Groove (Feat. PH, Prod. The Block Beattaz)
Killa Kyleon – Swang Wide (Feat. Z-Ro, Chamillionaire)
Gunplay – Get Like Me (Feat. Peryon)
Giulio 4 – Wavey (Feat. Ya Boy Chad)
Dennis the Menace – Popn Mo (Prod. The Block Beattaz)
P-Lo – Want It All (Feat. Scooter)
Willie Howard – Bermuda (Prod. Ski Beatz)
GMane – Hustler’s Paradise
Roc Marciano – The Man
Willie the Kid – Aviation
Raekwon – 86 Remix (Feat. AZ)
Mobb Deep – It’s Mine (Feat. Nas)


SteadyBloggin’ & Passion Of The Weiss Present – Smooth Operators: A 420 Tribute To Sade

Friday, April 19th, 2013
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I did this Sade-themed topically stoner-oriented mix for Passion Of The Weiss’ mix series. Included are some awesome rap songs sampling Sade, some chopped & screwed versions of Sade songs, and a few brilliant stony oddities that somehow combine the former with the latter to mind melting results. It all came out pretty awesome if I do say so myself, including the typically awesome cover by John Turner Jr. You should download it and listen to it while smoking like 6 scorpion shaped joints in a row.
There is a much more detailed description of all this on PoW, including the rationale for my selections and why certain things didn’t make the cut. You can read all that HERE. S/O and thanks to my girlfriend Jenna for helping a bit, and to John for the cover, and to Jeff for hosting it.
01. MF Doom – Doomsday
02. Curren$y – Famous
03. Sade – Cherish The Day vs Z-Ro – Respect My Mind (C&S By Drobitussin)
04. Kool Keith – I do What I Want
05. Sade – No Ordinary Love vs Three Six Mafia – Where Is The Bud (C&S By Slim K)
06. AZ – Payback
07. Sade – Smooth Operator (C&S By Drobitussin)
08. LG – Blue Diamond Ft. Paasky
09. Sade – By Your Side (C&S By Drobitussin)
10. Sade – Feel No Pain (C&S By DJ Screw)

DOWNLOAD: Smooth Operators: A 420 Tribute To Sade


Z-Ro – One Two ft. Billy Cook (Purple Bastard Remix)

Thursday, August 30th, 2012
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Bastard seems like he’s at his best when working with Texas music B/W I’m such a simp for that ‘Show Is Over’ sample it might friendzone me and fuck my best friend and I would still buy it dinner afterwards.


Vaporized – Down South Rap Mix 1998-2003

Friday, March 16th, 2012
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Another good mix for the weekend, this one by Philaflava blend luminary Vaporized. Like the title says, all Southern rap from 98-03. Mostly laid back trunk music.
DOWNLOAD: Vaporized – Down South Rap Mix 1998-2003

Slim Thug & Sabwarfare – Peep The Picture
Big Moe ft. Lil’ O, Big Hawk – Get Back
Fat Pat ft. Sean Pymp, D-Gotti, Noke D – Head & Shouldaz
Woss Ness – U Can’t Ride And Blo My Weed +
Shunny P ft. Bendu – Turnin Corners
Lil’ Keke ft. Big Pokey – Dusk 2 Dawn
Dat Boy Grace ft. Wood, Solo D – Time II Shine
Al-D ft. Trae, Shorty Mac – Life & Times
PSK 13 ft. Lil’ Flex – Let These Boys Know
ESG ft. Slim Thug, Deshawn Hill – Grippin Grain
Big Pokey ft. Lil’ O – That’s All We Had
Yungstar ft. Ko, Bam, Lil’ Flex, Kool-Aid – Diamonds & Gold
Big Hawk ft. Will Lean, D-Gotti – Do You Luv It
Big Steve ft. Wreckshop Boys – Year 2000
Dat Boy Grace ft. Z-Ro, Wood, Lil’ Flex – All About Da Green
Fat Pat ft. D-Gotti, Tyte Eyez – Do What You Wanna Do
ESG ft. Slim Thug, Z-Ro – We Ain’t Trippin No Mo
Mista Madd ft. GT, Steve Nice, “D” – Down 4 Whatever
Three 6 Mafia – Ghetto Chick
Mob Figgaz – Young Niggaz
C-Note ft. Lil’ Flip – On The South Side

Black Trump – Sippin ft. Z-Ro & Ronnie Spencer

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011
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Guess what this one is about…
Channeling your inner Isley Brother on a song about purple drank is some next level shit, high five to this Ronnie Spencer dude.
DOWNLOAD: Black Trump – Sippin ft. Z-Ro & Ronnie Spencer


Sade+Z-Ro – Cherish The Day + Respect My Mind (Chopped&Screwed Mashup)

Friday, April 8th, 2011
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So, the promised Sade+Jay-Z remix/collaboration dropped a little while ago, and on first try it’s … boring. The Sade part is fine, but once we get to Jay the song just kinda sits there in your headphones sheepishly, not sure what its supposed to be doing, hoping to skate by on the virtue of its own existence. Maybe it will grow on me, for now no dice.
I’d like to offer up this similar minded stoney youtube gem as an alternative (courtesy of somebody named Drobitussin). The two songs being mashed are an obvious natural match, Z-Ro’s song samples Sade’s to begin with. And since the music of both parties lends itself rediculously well to the chopped & screwed treatment , doing it here feels pretty natural too. The results are a bit awkward and rough around the edges, even allowing for the chopping factor some of the mixing feels run-on and it could use more Z-Ro . But even with its faults this concoction still adds up to a moment of off-kilter sonic bliss that the Jay-Z remix fails to become.
Sade+Z-Ro – Cherish The Day + Respect My Mind (Chopped&Screwed Mashup)