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213 (Snoop, Nate Dogg & Warren G.) Ft Kurupt – It Ain’t No Fun (OG Cassette Tape Demo / 1992)

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013
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Bought, personally by me in 1992, from L.A.’s Slauson Swap Meet. Later version ‘with all the bells & whistles added on it’ came months later. This version was on the streets first.
Feel the Funk.



As liberated from Dam’s personal cassette stash. The cool thing here is that the demo actually sounds like it could’ve been produced by Dam himself, the sound doesn’t fall too far from his own music recorded around the same time.

Nate Dogg – Nobody Does It Better Ft. Warren G (C&S By DJ Screw)

Friday, March 15th, 2013
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RIP Nate Dogg. Obviously nothing new or particularly rare here, but it’s sadly awesome (in the topically appropriate sense) how Screw turns the mood from a mild mannered victory lap into a murky quantum of infinite sadness.

Nate Dogg – Nobody Does It Better

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011
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If Dre was the sound of G-Funk and Snoop was voice, then Nate Dogg was surely the harmony. Tying together lush production and smooth vocals with his rich, raspy melodies, Nate brought a defining quality to the music. Raised as a gospel singer in East Long Beach, he crashed onto the regional scene with his work on Mista Grimm’s “Indo Smoke” and Dr. Dre’s “Lil’ Ghetto Boy,” but it was his appearance alongside Warren G on “Regulate” that pushed him into the national spotlight. When Death Row Records collapsed under it’s own misdeeds, he took his talents from coast to coast, never failing to impress as the go to guy for that Californian vibe whilst giving career defining hits to the likes of Ludacris, Fabolous and 50 Cent. Many have tried to imitate him and some have even tried to snatch the crown as the king of the rap hook, but to no avail. They can come closer than close. Original they never could be.

Sounds Like Summer – Volume Four

Sunday, July 25th, 2010
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The fourth installment in our Sounds Like Summer series. Somethin’ for your car, somethin’ for your hangout spot, or just somethin’ for you to chill to. Hella shouts to dirt_dog from TROY for the artwork. Download link, tracklist and links to the rest of the series after the jump.

— Snoop Bloggy Blogg

Sounds Like Summer – Volume Two

Saturday, June 19th, 2010
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Time to pick up the pace on our SLS series with a new edition. Somethin’ for your car, somethin’ for your hangout spot, or just somethin’ for you to chill to. Hella shouts to dirt_dog from TROY for the artwork. Download link, tracklist and a re-up of Volume One with proper artwork after the jump.


DJ Quik: The Definitive Collection

Sunday, October 4th, 2009
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Best Of DJ Quik Cover

A repost of mine since Blogger was hatin’ and DJ Quik is the shit.

Download Here

Disc 1

101 – DJ Quik – Born And Raised In Compton
102 – DJ Quik – Get at Me
103 – DJ Quik – Tonite
104 – DJ Quik – So Many Wayz (ft 2nd II None and Peter Gunz)
105 – DJ Quik – Safe and Sound
106 – DJ Quik – Sweet Black Pussy
107 – DJ Quik – Pitch in on a Party
108 – DJ Quik – Summer Breeze
109 – DJ Quik – We Still Party
110 – DJ Quik – Fuck Y’all (ft Kurupt)
111 – DJ Quik – Hand In Hand (ft 2nd II None and El DeBarge)
112 – DJ Quik – Quikker Said Than Dunn
113 – DJ Quik – Dollaz and Sense
114 – DJ Quik – 50 Ways
115 – DJ Quik – You’z A Gangsta

Disc 2

201 – DJ Quik – BlaqKout (ft Kurupt)
202 – DJ Quik – Trouble
203 – DJ Quik – Real Doe
204 – DJ Quik – Quik Is The Name
205 – DJ Quik – 9x Outta 10 (ft Kurupt)
206 – DJ Quik – Lets Get Down (ft Tony, Toni, Tone) (Death Row remix)
207 – DJ Quik – Late Nite (ft 2Pac and AMG)
208 – DJ Quik – There She Goes (ft Warren G and Nate Dogg)
209 – DJ Quik – Spur of the Moment (ft Ludacris)
210 – DJ Quik – Mo Pussy (ft 2nd II None)
211 – DJ Quik – Medley For A V (ft 2nd II None, AMG, Snoop Dogg and El DeBarge)
212 – DJ Quik – Hey Playa (ft Kurupt)
213 – DJ Quik – Get Up (ft The Game and AMG)
214 – DJ Quik – Tanqueray
215 – DJ Quik – Whateva U Do

Disc 3

301 – Suga Free – If U Stay Ready (Remix)
302 – DJ Quik – Quiks Groove 1
303 – Danny Boy – Come When I Call
304 – DJ Quik – Quiks Groove 2
305 – 2nd II None -. If You Want It
306 – DJ Quik – Quiks Groove 3
307 – Suga Free – On My Way
308 – DJ Quik – Quiks Groove 5
309 – 2Pac – Heartz Of Men
310 – DJ Quik – Quiks Groove 6
311 – OFTB – Crack ‘Em
312 – DJ Quik – Quiks Groove 7
313 – Truth Hurts – Addictive (ft Rakim)
314 – DJ Quik – Roger’s Groove
315 – Janet Jackson – All For You (DJ Quik rmx)

— Snoop Bloggy Blogg