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Steady Bloggin/T.R.O.Y. x Ras Beats Giveaway

Monday, September 19th, 2016
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A few weeks ago we posted on T.R.O.Y. about the Ras Beats project Control Your Own. It features Roc Marciano, O.C., Elzhi , A.G. (D.I.T.C.), Rasheed Chappell, Blacastan (A.O.T.P.), Breeze Brewin and many more.  Ras Beats runs his own independent record label, WorldWyde Recordings. Playing patronage to favorites like Large Professor, Pete Rock, and Marley Marl, Ras Beats has put out an exemplary New York underground record. If you love classic beats and throwbacks to the golden era, this album is a must.


Many of you asked about about the giveaway so, here we go…


If you would like to receive Control Your Own for FREE, simply follow us on Instagram @Philaflava . We will be selecting from new followers starting from 9/19 – 9/24. 5 random winners will receive the new album for absolutely FREE. For those already following, you can still win too. A post will be made this Friday (9/23) on our Instagram regarding this contest. Simply like it– that’s all. We will be selecting random likes on that day and the winners  will receive a copy Control Your Own for free. Easy ain’t it? Good luck and don’t forget to support real hip-hop. –Philaflava



1.Control Your Own                                                                          
2.Wit No Pressure Feat. Roc Marciano
3.Study Feat. Blacastan & Rasheed Chappell
4.Shoebox Feat. JBiz
5.Let It Be Feat. Masta Ace
6.Front Line Feat. Fev
7.Knowledge Of Self Feat. O.C. & Elzhi
8.Anticipation Feat. Kool Sphere
10.Survive Feat. Sadat X
11.Bust The Science Feat. Sureshot La Rock
12.Against The Wall Feat. Sub-Con & Breeze Brewin
13.God Bless Feat. JBiz & A.G.

T.R.O.Y. Blog Presents – Sounds Like The 90′s Vol. 22

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013
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Our big bro The T.R.O.Y. blog just released #22 in the series.  This time around T.R.O.Y. and Certified Dope Apparel combine to bring you the latest compilation featuring Ka, Action Bronson, Roc Mariciano, Da Buze Bruvaz, 14k, Prodigy, Organized Konfusion and De La Soul to name a few. Check out their collabo tees (link below) as well.



Running Time: 56 minutes


bomockbiggercousinmockbiggersologreymockbiggerCLICK HERE TO ENTER STORE


OutKast – DeepKuts 1992-1999 (mix of bsides, guest spots, etc)

Monday, May 17th, 2010
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This was put together by Philaflava/T.R.O.Y. forum member HiStakes, props to him for trimming the gay off some of those collaborations to separate the diamonds from the turds. His own description (slightly edited to combine several forum posts):

For my fellow OutKast fans: a smoothly-mixed, extensive compilation of b-sides, guest spots, and soundtrack features from 1992-1999.

These aren’t the original tracks. I mixed it to emphasize OutKast… I took almost everything else out cause I really didn’t want to listen to more Monica, singing Missy Elliot, Witchdoctor, or Slimm Cutta. It’s 95% or so straight lyrics from Andre and Big Boi… Tried to go for smooth transitions, nothing fancy. Hopefully, it’ll feel almost like a lost album – 54 minutes of straight Andre and Big Boi, with a few “guest” spots from T-Mo, Big Gipp, Slick Rick, etc.

Download: OutKast – DeepKuts 1992-1999

1.TLC – What About Your Friends (Extended Remix)
2.OutKast – Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik (Organized Extended Remix)
3.OutKast – Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik (Diamond Remix)
4.OutKast – Benz or Beamer
5.Goodie Mob – Dirty South
6.Goodie Mob – Thought Process
7.OutKast – ATLiens (Bad Boy Remix)
8.OutKast – Everlasting
9.OutKast – Jazzy Belle (Swift C Remix)
10.OutKast – In Due Time
11.Goodie Mob – Black Ice
12.Cool Breeze & Big Boi – Gangsta Partna
13.Kilo Ali – Love in Ya Mouth
14.TLC – Sumthin’ Wicked This Way Comes
15.Witchdoctor – Dez Only 1
16.OutKast – Rats and Roaches (Unreleased)
17.Monica – Gone Be Fine
18.OutKast – Phobia
19.Cool Breeze – Watch for the Hook (Dugeon Family Mix)
20.Eightball & MJG – Throw Your Hands Up
21.OutKast – High Schoolin
22.Slick Rick – Street Talkin’
23.Youngbloodz – 85
24.Missy Elliott – All N My Grill
25.Tash – Smokefest 99
26.OutKast – Freestyle (Vinyl Bootleg)

Most Underrated Rapper of All-Time (Round 3)

Monday, January 18th, 2010
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Who will survive the sweet sixteen? Tragedy Khadafi vs. Chubb Rock? Casual vs. King-Tee? MC Ren vs. Aceyalone? Breeze Brewin vs. Godfather Don? Your vote counts! –Philaflava

Download New Bracket

Early Christmas from T.R.O.Y.

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009
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Every day this week our big brother T.R.O.Y. blog is dropping 25 joints (100 total) of their latest compilation, 100 Tracks You Need To Hear (’97-’99). –Gloss

1997-1999. You swear it wasn’t that long ago, but you know it might as well have been eons ago. Depending on your outlook, this is either the tail end of a gilded age or the beginning of the apocalypse. During this time, the hip hop artists born circa 1970 who catapulted the genre forward as teenagers and young adults in the ’87-’94 heyday are beginning to mellow out or gloss it up. Sampling laws are enforced more than ever but the indie labels are resolute in refusing to go the glittery route. Radio is dominated by obvious samples and tales of upward mobility and debauchery, while the underground mixshows stay saturated with eccentric rhyming clinics and surreal poetics. The divide is not entirely clean, however. In this era you can find surreal poets waxing profound on diamonds and champagne, gritty crime narratives on major label releases, and a whole host of songs that defy categorization (and a few that even defy simple explanation). This series is for those of you who know that the late ‘90s is deeper than just Organized Konfusion, Ras Kass, Mase, Nas, and Company Flow (no disrespect intended of course). This is for those of you that know that great hip hop comes from all corners of the USA and around the world, that the b-sides of overlooked 12”s and the album cuts of long forgotten tapes contain true gems. Songs that speak to our hunger for dope beats and lyrics and manage to stand out from the crowd. We made a special effort to seek out songs that you probably haven’t heard or don’t really remember too clearly, while making sure that each selection hearkens backs to the last era in which musical diversity and quality could be taken for granted. You need to hear this. Enjoy our 100 picks, coming at you at the rate of twenty five per day just in time for the holidays.

So what are you waiting for? Go open up your gifts

T.R.O.Y. Presents – Sounds Like The 90s (Vol. 11)

Friday, November 6th, 2009
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Our big brother dropping 11 on that ass and remember you always double down on 11. Check out the mix and our bro’s blog T.R.O.Y. –Jason Gloss

Sounds Like The 90s (Volume 11)

01. Juice Crew – Mr. Magic Tribute
02. Cormega – Define Yourself feat. Tragedy Khadafi & Havoc
03. Jay Electronica – Suckas
04. Saigon – Say Yes Pt. 2
05. Beanie Sigel – What You Talkin’ Bout
06. Remarkable Mayor – Doomz Day
07. O.C. – Life (Roc Raida Tribue)
08. Senor Kaos – 20 Years High & Rising (Homage To De La Soul) feat. Von Pea & Homeboy Sandman
09. Fashawn – Samsonite Man feat. Blu
10. Sene – WhyBother?
11. People Under The Stairs – DQMOT (Thes One Remix)
12. Del The Funky Homosapien & Tame One – Flashback
13. Cormega – Live And Learn (prod. Pete Rock)
14. Curren$y – On My Way
15. Godamus Rhyme – Mass Appeal feat. Mr. S.O.S.
16. Masta Ace & Edo G – Pass The Mic feat. KRS-One
17. (Bonus Track) Mr. Chop – T.R.O.Y.

Back-Up #1
Back-Up #2
Back-Up #3

Catch up an all 11 volumes here.