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Take It Personal Podcast (Ep 9: The Calm Before The Storm)

Sunday, April 9th, 2017
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Episode 9 might be titled the Calm Before The Storm, but it’s anything but. Our next show will be a DJ Premier tribute, so we wanted to take a short break from the tributes and get back to the traditional potpourri show. Special guest, Aaron Wade, sat in with us as we discussed and dissed each other’s Hip-Hop Mount Rushmore. We also announced the winner of our Evolution of The B-Boy Sticker pack contest and play some ridiculously dope music from Mobb Deep, Jeru The Damaja, Brand Nubian, Kool G. Rap, Gang Starr, Ice Cube, Das EFX, People Under The Stairs, Insight, J-Zone and Supastition. Plus, we threw in some new jawns by King Magnetic, Kendrick Lamar and a special K-Def/DJ 360 Beneficence remix. So, while you’re listening. think of who you’d put on your Mount Rushmore and then share your picks with us in the comment section. RIP Don Rickles!

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Kam Moye (Supastition) – Let’s Be Honest

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009
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Kam Moye (aka Supastition), a different breed of emcee, is gearing up to release his newest album, Splitting Image. Being the first album released after his name change from Supastition to his actual birth name, Kam shows that he has developed lyrically and isn’t afraid to touch on mature subject matter. The album is due October 27th on MYX Music Label. The lead single off the album is “Lets Be Honest” with production being handled by Veterano. The song is about having a humble attitude towards life, something rarely spoken about in today’s industry. Talking about the inspiration behind the song’s concept, Kam says, “The song was inspired by a quote that I read once which said ‘happiness isn’t having what you want, it’s wanting what you have.’ That’s my perspective in life on everything from family to my career. It’s not settling, but sometimes you gotta just accept that maybe it wasn’t meant for you to have what everyone else has… It’s cool to dream but not to the point where you don’t take notice of how good you have it already to just be alive.”

Kam relays the song’s message from the get-go, saying, “If you don’t appreciate what you have right now, you’ll never appreciate what’s coming to you in the future.” The song is conceptual in the way that each verse tackles different issues relating to materialism and superficial tendencies. Kam goes in on materialism for the first verse before touching on women and relationships in verse two and stardom in the third and final verse, rapping, “I don’t need people in the streets to know me / Man, I kind of like keeping it discreet and low-key.” With Veterano providing a soulful backdrop for Kam’s true-to-life delivery, this track is poised to turn some heads as the lead single off his new album. Be sure to get a taste of Kam Moye’s new sound, and look out for Splitting Image via MYX Music Label October 27, 2009.

“Let’s Be Honest” (Prod. by Veterano)

“3 Ladies”

Our Rappers Are Better Than Yours (re-up)

Sunday, September 20th, 2009
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One of the great things about having your own blog is being able to post whatever you want, in this case whatever image I want. Be honest, would you rather me post this or an image of one of the rappers?

Here is a re-up of “Our Rappers Are Better Than Yours.” Be on the look out for The Philaflava Project which is set to drop within the next 2 weeks.

Our Rappers Are Better Than Yours

01. Intro
02. thekeenone & Agent B – We Don’t Understand
03. Atmosphere – Love Hate (Equalibrum Remix)
04. Philaflava All-Stars – Posse Cut Part 2
05. Godamus Rhymes – Let Off A Couple 2009
06. CunningLynguists – Nasty Filthy feat. Supastition & Cashmere The Pro
07. Open Mike Eagle – iRock
08. Ardamus – Say It To The Heart
09. Can-U – Didn’t I
10. Intuition – Don’t Try
11. Mac Lethal –
12. Blueprint – Don’t Make Me Laugh
13. Galvatron – Great Voices Part 2
14. Philaflava Rockin’ It (Interlude)
15. Philaflava All-Stars – Posse Cut Part 1 (Edit)
16. Philaflava All-Stars – Posse Cut Part 1 (Red Scare Remix)
17. Cadence Weapon – Black Hand
18. Alaska – Party’s Over
19. Ayentee – Kill My Soul
20. Solo For Dolo – Ain’t No Love
21. Icon The Mic King – Sneaker Addict
22. Philaflava All-Stars – Posse Cut Part 3


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