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VIDEO: Main Attrakionz – Shoot the Dice Ft. Shady Blaze

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015
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Another new one from the upcoming 808s & Dark Grapes 3, this one featuring their perennial fifth Beatle Shady Blaze.
Premiered via Fact.
SHAMELESS PLUG: Before the album touches down, check out the compilation of my favorite Main Attrakionz loosies that I put together a short while ago. It’s called LSD OG and has tons of great rare tracks from 2010-2012. GO HERE TO STREAM AND DOWNLOAD IT.

COMPILATION: Main Attrakionz – L​.​S​.​D. O​.​G. (Loosies in the Sky with the Diamonds Of God)

Thursday, June 11th, 2015
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Main Attrakionz logged at least 50 releases between 2009-2012, if you count both group and solo projects. The number goes up to about 80 if you count collaborations and related Green Ova material. If you extend the date period to 2015, their upcoming 808s and Dark Grapes III album might just be somewhere around their 100th. That’s a whole shitload of music, and incredibly that’s actually not all of it. There were also innumerable loosies.

A lot of these random unattached tracks came out between late 2010 and 2012, arguably the peak period for the group in terms of both quality and popularity. Some were purposeful high-profile collaborations with other noteworthy rising rappers and producers of the era, the rest were likely just fortuitous byproducts of hyperactive creativity. A whole lot of them were really really good. Unfortunately, because the internet moves at such a rapid pace, many were quickly forgotten.

I’ve always thought it was a shame to just let all these gems fade away from memory. So with the anticipation of the new album in mind, I’ve decided to compile my favorite loosies from that time. Enjoy!

Cover by Jah Turner

PREMIERE: LaJIT – Blue Sun EP (Produced By Keyboard Kid)

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013
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Today I have the pleasure of premiering LaJIT’s Blue Sun EP, produced entirely by Keyboard Kid. You’ve seen LaJIT’s music posted here before, you’ve seen the first single from this EP stickied to the top of our blog for a while now, you already know he’s a talented artist. This project is very personal to him, so I’ve asked him to introduce it in his own words:

The Blue Sun EP is a follow up to my previous release, the Black Sun EP. As with that previous work, there were moments when I was unsure of what I was making. What I did know was that the Black Sun was created from past issues and pent up anger, which I was never able to release until I hit rock bottom and had numerous realizations. I was being honest and true to myself. I released what I had as a form of self-therapy, and also with the idea of providing a soundtrack for people who could relate to the subject matter.
Blue Sun is a direct continuation of Black Sun. It chronicles my current life as I gain more clarity while sorting through a variety of issues. Although I’m still dealing with many frustrations due to personal obstacles, I find it necessary to release music that outlines the troubles that I’ve encountered, even if most of my problems are unresolved. In doing so, I hope that those who listen to and relate to what I’m saying can come closer to accepting and solving their own dilemmas. And perhaps my music can prevent them from going into, or returning to their own moment of darkness.



You can also purchase a higher quality version of the EP via Bandcamp.
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Shady Blaze – Green Ova’s Most Hated

Monday, November 4th, 2013
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New album from Shady. A diverse roster of producers are included, as is often the case with Shady’s work. They all do well, but the inclusion of DJ Burn One is of particular interest to me – the two were supposed to release a collaboration last year, which for some reason never saw the light of day. I’m not sure what went wrong, perhaps (hopefully) it was simply delayed. Judging by Burn One’s contributions here, their tape could’ve been a very good one.


VIDEO: Shady Blaze – Hard Hitta (Intro)

Thursday, October 24th, 2013
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First leak from Shady’s upcoming Green Ova’s Most Hated album, a curious title considering Shady seems pretty popular with Green Ova fans. The song was produced by Zero, who also directed the video.

MondreM.A.N. – Atta Boy Ft. Squadda Bambino, DaVinci & Shady Blaze (Prod. Al Jieh)

Friday, October 11th, 2013
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New single from Mondre’s upcoming solo debut, with assists from the Green Ova fam and the SWTBRDS crew.

If you’re in NY, these guys are playing a free show at Santos for CMJ on the 15th.