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Take It Personal Podcast (Ep 2): ATCQ Tribute

Sunday, November 27th, 2016
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Sometimes sequels are just better, like a lot better. Take The Empire Strikes Back, Low End Theory, The Infamous and De La Soul Is Dead for example. Take It Personal Episode 2 is our best yet! Not only is this an A Tribe Called Quest tribute show, but we’re playing joints by Ultramagnetic MC’s, Black Thought, Company Flow, Mos Def, Vinnie Paz, Nas, AZ, Ras Kass, D.I.T,C, Atmosphere, MarQ Spekt & Blockhead to name a few. Join Jason Gloss, Kevlar & DJ 360 on musical journey you won’t want to end. Or maybe you will, you probably will…

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Take It Personal Podcast (Episode 1)

Sunday, November 6th, 2016
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On November 2, 2016 The “Take It Personal” Podcast was launched as the Golden Era and boom-bap-focused podcast to beat all Podcasts. Broadcasting all the way live from Del Boca Vista and brought to you by the Philaflava crew, who founded one of Complex Magazine’s “Top 10 Most Influential Hip-Hop Message Boards,” well as authoritative subject matter blogs, T.R.O.Y and Steady Bloggin‘, the show and its brand of witty nuance and authentic reverence is here to fill the nostalgia void in your heart, and, as Chino XL once said, “Here To Save You All.” Come to where Exit 33 meets Memory Lane at the Honeycomb Hideout, as DJ 360 and co-hosts Jason Gloss and Kevlar take you on a sonic voyage from past to present and back again!



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Nas – It Was Remixed

Thursday, June 10th, 2010
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Last week we showed you how many classic verses Nas racked up over the course of 20 years, but did you know he’s also featured on some pretty great remixes too? Here’s a collection of the best. Breakdowns, tracklisting and download link after the jump.

— Snoop Bloggy Blogg


Nas announces Illmatic 2

Thursday, April 1st, 2010
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Last night In London, UK to promote their upcoming Distant Relatives world tour, Nas and Damien Marley talked upcoming projects on Tim Westwood’s Radio One rap show. While Marley’s future pivots around his father’s estate and starring as him in his 2011 Hollywood biography, Nas announced he’s already in the lab working on the follow-up to his collabo with Marley, currently titled Illmatic 2:

“It’s about a legacy. I’ve been in this game 20 years and feel like everything is full circle. The anticipation, the music, the baby mama drama…. I just want New York to be back where it belongs.”

Nas wouldn’t go into details pertaining to his ongoing child support court battles with estranged wife Kelis, but agreed to divulge some tidbits on how far along he is with his album’s recording:

“We’re like… 6 or 7 joints in and it’s perfect man, it’s perfect. I haven’t felt this good about an album since Stillmatic. I played some of it for Jadakiss and Fat Joe last week and they was buggin’, they was off the wall. […] If we gonna come back, we need to come back hard. It was almost like I forgot what I came from when I moved down to Atlanta, so me and Jungle, the whole Bravehearts, we moved back to a crib right by 41st in Queensbridge. I felt like it was 1994 all over again.”

Anxious to complete the album before the tour leaves the US in June, Nas has already enlisted the mixing services of Mike Dean and close friend LES. He hopes to cut the final tracklist down to “around 15,” including an intro with Chris Stein and Grandwizard Theodore. When asked about his debut’s place in history:

“People have always told me it was too short, so we’re gonna throw some old tracks on there that we didn’t use the first time around. I got this one track “Deja Vu” man. I’m gonna re-record it and put it on there. Another one is “Understanding,” cause heads need to understand there’s a history to this you know what I’m sayin’? I talked with LA Reid, I spoke with my mans Damien, Raekwon, Jay Electronica and everybody was behind it. Everybody. I feel like Rae was on-point with his, so I gotta rise to that you know?

Production has already been slated to exclusively feature Q-Tip, DJ Premier, Large Pro, Pete Rock and LES with a sole guest appearance by AZ. A rep from Def Jam has yet to confirm the release, but an unlinked page on their website does mention an unnamed upcoming Nas solo album. Information is still coming in, however a tentative release date of August 2nd has been forecast to coincide with the tri-state finale of the Distant Relatives tour. Updates will be posted as the story develops.

— Snoop Bloggy Blogg

Nas: The Remixes (Day Two)

Friday, October 2nd, 2009
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Back at it like a crack addict, Day Two.

Nas – The World Is Yours (Q-Tip)

Dirty basement jazz courtesy of Kamaal. Some Nas fans will tell you his 2nd verse on here might just be one of his best. “Switch the flow speed, I’m gettin’ vexed/ Guiliani is 6-6-6.” Can’t hate on that.

Nas – Street Dreams (R Kelly)

Released a month or so after the original, this mix featured completely different lyrics and production. Armed with a superb mini-story in the third verse, the lyricism is much more introspective with its cautionary tales for wannabe ballers. The R Kelly hook melds perfectly with the new beat making it one of the more memorable Nas joints to run some R&B.

Nas – Family (Cloudkickers)

Cloudkickers are DJ Eli and Shan Boogs, perhaps best known for their self titled Fondle ‘Em EP that dropped back in ’99. An assortment of strings and keys lace this one up nicely.

Nas – Made You Look (Single Remix)

Luda and Jadakiss join Nas to remix the song of the year. I need it from the top, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Kiss steals the show as usual. File Nas’s verse alongside his rhyme on “We Major” under ‘really? That’s the best you could fucking come up with?’

Nas – Life’s a Bitch (Buckwild)

The DITC crate-master gives Q-Tip a run for his money with this jazzed out piece of wonderful. Some nice cuts at the end too.