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Roc Marciano – Give Ya Numbers On The Boards (®es†less ßLên∂)

Friday, November 1st, 2013
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Verses from an old Roc Marci/Pete Rock collab, blended with Pusha’s “Numbers On The Board” instrumental to great effect by some dude named Restless.

Via Alexander Richter, spotted by HL
For another take on “Give it to Ya’ll”, check out Zilla Rocca’s remix HERE

King L – My Hoes They Do Drugs (Ft. Juicy J & Pusha T) (C&S by Soul Division)

Friday, November 2nd, 2012
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This one is obviously very appropriate for the chopping block. I actually wanted it for our upcoming Lean On Me 2, but Soul Division already had it slated for their own tape Intoxicated Vol.2, which is out next Friday. Also coming soon is their Nordic C&S collaboration with Trappadon.


And the best rapper is…

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011
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Let’s be specific (peace Funkmaster Flex), the other day I dropped my 10 most underrated rappers of 2011, so it only made sense to drop my best rapper too. This isn’t an all-time list, it’s current and I could only award this to a rapper who is, well current. Andre 3000, you might be on another level and universally accepted as the greatest rapper living and who am I to disagree? You are, but these once every few years cameos on these bullshit R&B tracks ain’t cutting it.


It ain’t Jay, shame on you for even thinking that. It isn’t his apprentice Mr. Electronica, who by the way he should be dropping his once-a-year track in December to continue giving your iTunes blue balls. His lack of new material and a Saigon(ish) career pattern is not helping matters. I can you assure you it’s nobody who would rock a smedium t-shirt. Nobody that you would consider a hipster or vegan. It isn’t a new radical skater. It isn’t lazy self-absorbed artists who continues to produce lo-fi albums for your listening displeasure.


Who does it leave then? Nas, maybe, but we all know he lost a step or two over the years. Could it be Jada? Sure, Jadakiss is like the New York Jets, he looks great on paper but when it comes down to business he can’t close and I’m still waiting on that great album from him. So the argument could come down to Pusha and the man who I awarded it to. Pusha is just getting better with age, but when you see who is #1 it’s hard to dispute facts.


Maybe 2012 will be different but there isn’t a rapper IMO who has deliverer quality time and time again than this man. I hate the word swag, so I will just say this man’s style is just too damn cool. It sounds effortless like the way DOOM spits, but it’s extremely layered with witty lyricism and tons of rewind material   If the Dos Equis guy was a rapper he’d be this one. –Philaflava


Click to see who is the best rapper of 2011. (more…)

Pusha T – Bidding War freestyle

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010
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This is a nice freestyle and I’m glad Pusha has a solo mixtape coming out in September. But honestly this is just an excuse to post the picture above, which for some reason amuses me to no end.

DOWNLOAD: Pusha T – Bidding War

Pusha T – Dearly Beloved freestyle / Clipse – Phantom of the Synths freestyle

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010
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Two for Tuesday Clipse freestyles. First we got Pusha going over Angels by P.Diddy’s Muppets, then Clipse reciting some old verses for Pitchfork TV over Dilla’s Phantom of the Synths aka DOOM’s Gazillion Ear.

DOWNLOAD: Pusha T – Dearly Beloved freestyle

DOWNLOAD: Clipse – Phantom of the Synths freestyle