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Regrettable Rap Purchases

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010
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With Christmas just around the corner, this is the time of year I like to pretend I have more of a disposable income.  Usually I’ll spend some extra dough on family and friends, but chances are the price tag won’t put a hole in my wallet and I won’t suffer any serious consequences as a result.  If I had a larger bank account, I’d probably end up buying dumb, expensive gifts for everyone, because that seems like the thing to do if you’ve got cash.  That being said, I’d be interested to see a report on rapper gift-giving for the holiday season, Brother Ali and The Beastie Boys excluded, based on what some of them buy throughout the year.  Rappers buy some really dumb shit…


You know what I love?  Sprite.  And Jolly Ranchers.  And cough syrup if I’m feeling congested.  All three at once, I’m not so sure.  What do you think DJ Screw?  Big Moe?  Fine, don’t answer me, see if I care.  Pimp C?  No response.  I guess it must be that sleep apnea acting up again.  As much fun as it is to stumble out of the dentist’s office and listen to the batteries die in my walkman, it’s only fun in moderation.  Even then, I’m not exactly cheating death when I get my wisdom teeth removed.  I don’t understand the appeal of purple drank on a weekly (nightly?) basis, and I especially don’t understand the appeal of dying in my sleep from sippin’ on syzzurp.  Paying to die in my sleep is definitely not in my favorite past-times.


Pimp C ft. E-40 & Gator Mane “Since The 90’s”

Sunday, September 5th, 2010
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Pimp C’s forthcoming posthumous The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones looks a little too much like a posthumous Pimp C album on paper to be a truly fitting send-off, but this song jams quite nicely. At least we will get a few more actual solo tracks.

1. Down 4 Mine
2. Untitled feat. Lil’ Wayne, Bun-B, & Drake
3. Fly Lady
4. Love 2 Ball
5. Since The 90’s feat. Gator Mane & E-40
6. Dickies feat. Bun-B & Young Jeezy
7. Midnight Hoes feat. Rick Ross
8. Made Fo feat. Too $hort
9. Believe In Me feat. Ivory P, Cory Mo, Heezi, & BankRoll Jones
10. Hit The Parking Lot feat. Webbie & Lil’ Boosie
11. Massacre
12. Get Down feat. Devin The Dude
13. Go To War feat. Bun-B

Pimp C – Play Hard (Uncensored) No Limit Diss

Friday, October 2nd, 2009
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Nothing new, right? Well not exactly. This is the uncensored version where the great Pimp C goes at No Limit.

We all heard the rumors about Master P slapping up Pimp because of how he was going around speaking bad about No Limit because their business affairs. Here is what really happened.

“Master P didn’t pay them money for any of the songs then would add Beats By The Pound as co-producers so they’d get production points (the only 2 songs Pimp C co-produced with were Akickdo and Bring The Noise Break Em Off Playaz From The South Meal Ticket and Ghetto Life were all Pimp productions but each was credited as Pimp C and Beats By The Pound.

Pimp C started sayin fuck No Limit in shows and songs. Master P first tried to have C’s rims from the Benz jacked but didn’t succeed then week or so later C got beat up by 3 goons tied up in a hotel. Master P came in and took his licks.

Pimp reached out to J Prince. J Prince told Master P to step off. End of story son.”

Peace to Tim, Chump Change and the god J Prince.