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Philaflava: Take It Personal (Philly Hip-Hop Tribute)

Friday, March 3rd, 2017
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Episode 6 is our longest one yet and for good reason. This isn’t your typical Philly hip-hop show, this is the official Philly hip-hop tribute show. Chock-full of Illadelph classics, along with our special tour guides Vinnie Paz, Maylay Sparks, Baby Blak, CHOPS, Todd Wolfe and MarQ Spekt to help navigate you through the two one fifth. Unlike the ewoks, our episode VI won’t disappoint. So whether you’re from Philly, know of Philly or even like Philly, you can’t front on our music. We’re more than just cheese steaks, soft pretzels and Rocky Balboa, we’re home of some of the greatest musicians ever. If you’re a fan of Schoolly D, Steady B, 100x, Bahamadia, Freeway, Tuff Crew or The Roots — we got you! –Philaflava

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MarQ Spekt – Murderface Splash [prod by Back Row]

Friday, June 5th, 2015
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Some new (possibly new-old) Spekt from The Grilchy Era, his upcoming compilation of unreleased material. He has that good ‘a bit unhinged and maybe a little drunk’ flow going on this, which is exactly what I want to hear from him.

MarQ Spekt & Blockhead – JustPlayWitIt (Album Stream)

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014
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The full album is now available for streaming and purchase via DJBooth.


MarQ Spekt & Blockhead – Grilchy 808

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014
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A nicely weird and effective NY/Philly/ATL soundmashing mutation happening here, which actually makes sense since I think Spekt has lived in/been connected to all of these cities at one time or another. I like how Blockhead is stretching his comfort zone here too, this sounds a long way from his Ninja Tune ‘music to gently trip balls to while looking at trees’ m.o.


MarQ Spekt & Blockhead – SumOfItsParts

Thursday, June 12th, 2014
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It’s tempting to call Spekt perpetually underrated, but then I get the sense that he doesn’t particularly strive to be ‘rated’ either. He sporadically finds interesting/interested collaborators, does whatever feels right with them and keeps it moving; all without any discernible goal or trajectory beyond the satisfaction he derives from the process of making music in of itself. So it goes with his new album JustPlayWitIt as well – Spekt and Blockhead have done a few tracks together before, the songs came out well, so they made an album. The first ‘official’ single arrived without much fanfare via Blockhead’s own blog, and the obligatory email blast from the Hipnott records (who are hosting/releasing it); the attitude around the release feels like “If you want it, here it is. We’re not gonna shove it down your throat, but do believe this is good rap and you will not be disappointed with it.” And the song really is good, executed with the same loose-limbed confidence that marks the way it was released, and Spekt’s career in general.


MarQ Spekt x Blockhead – Breakfast Club ft. Philly LoLife AllStars

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013
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Spekt and a bunch of Philly cats on the posse cut, Blockhead does a Ron Burgundy on the gansta flutes. Taken from Spekt & Block’s upcoming JustPlayWitit