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Ras G – Ras G – Black Daffi`s Revenge Feat. Jeremiah Jae / Walk With Me Feat. KhaiLL Sadiq

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015
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‘Black Daffi`s Revenge’ (above) is from Ras G’s Raw Fruit Vol. 4. It makes me realize that I don’t check for Jeremiah Jae nearly enough.
‘Walk With Me’ (below) is from the previous volume in the Raw Fruit series, not sure who KhaiLL Sadiq is but he fits the vibe well.


Hellfyre Club – Dorner vs. Tookie

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013
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New collection from Mike Eagle, Nocando and Co.


Jae & Zeroh – BlackMyth (Prod. By Kutmah)

Friday, January 4th, 2013
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Chilling vaguely futuristic minimalist raps. Taken from Jeremiah Jae’s Black Jungle Radio, which he is leaking one song at a time via his soundcloud. Another track from it is below.



VIDEO: Captain Murphy – Duality

Thursday, November 29th, 2012
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So… the long awaited Duality has turned out to be a 35 minute video pastiche of Madvillain-ish music and all sorts of random footage. At the moment it is not available for DL, nor is the video available for embed. A deluxe downloadable version is promised for some point soon. Till then, go to the link below to watch the thing. All mysterious bullshit aside, it’s pretty good.
VIDEO: Captain Murphy – Duality
EDIT: Bringing this back up to the top now that there is a Dat Piff stream/proper DL available. If you don’t know yet, it was Flying Lotus all along (obviously).

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Captain Murphy – Immaculation ft. Azizi Gibson and Jeremiah Jae

Sunday, November 4th, 2012
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Both of the featured rappers are signed to Brain Feeder, which lends some credence to the Captain Murphy is Flying Lotus theory. Maybe the long promised Du∆lity is Lotus’ version of a producer driven album, ala Pete Rock’s Soul Survivor or Doom’s King Gheedorah outing Take Me To Your Leader.
DOWNLOAD: Captain Murphy – Immaculation ft. Azizi Gibson and Jeremiah Jae


Jeremiah Jae – Cat Fightttttt Prod. Flying Lotus / Flying lotus – Between Friends Instrumental (Thundercat Version)

Thursday, July 26th, 2012
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I’m surprised Jeremiah Jae doesn’t get more critical love. He’s a proficient MC with a fairly original style, pronounced artsy leanings and a Flying Lotus cosign, and he’s from Chicago to boot. And the guy is not all image and name association either, he actually makes quality music, especially when Lotus himself is directly involved. Their latest collaboration is below, and for further evidence SEE HERE.

And while we’re here is another great collaboration between Lotus and the supremely talented Thundercat.