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Two Good New NY Rap Songs With One Superfluous Verse In Each

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014
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Meyhem Lauren & Buckwild – Street Hop ft. Troy Ave & RetcH

Might be a petty complaint, but I’m not feeling RetcH’s nasal voice on this at all. Cool song otherwise, Meyhem’s project with Buckwild seems to be shaping up nicely.
J-Love – Glorified Excellence ft. Ghostface Killah & Cormega

As soon as you saw the title, you already knew. J-Love makes good beats and puts together great mixtapes, but as far as rapping… like I said, you already know. He’s not to completely terrible here, just wildly outclassed. When Ghost raps things like ‘Breezly Bruin ice, that’s my new slogan’, you should probably just get out of the way.
J-Love song via Egotrip.

Video: Action Bronson Talks Pork Gyros On OZERSKY.TV / New Outdoorsmen Video

Thursday, July 21st, 2011
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Relevant to my interests as an Action Bronson fan and a terrible terrible jew. More info on Meatopia HERE
Additionally, new Outdoorsmen vid for J-Love’s ‘Mind On My Money’ below the jump


Action Bronson – Bon Appetit​.​.​.​.​. BITCH​!​!​!​! (mixtape)

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011
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This post is very overdue, I’ve been playing Bon Appetit…. ad nauseam since it came out a few weeks ago.

It’s tempting to mark Action as another proficient ‘throwback’ rapper, but doing so would ignore the eccentricities that set him apart from the rest. While there is indeed a healthy measure of 90s NY nostalgia in his music, he seems more intent on enjoying the present and future than on retracing the past. His beat choices are more adventurous too, most rappers pining for Carhart glory days don’t rap over Lemonade or the theme from Eastbound and Down, or the mariachi song from Desperado.

The Eastbound and Down theme usage is worth singling out, it’s very effective. The resulting song is not that great in of itself, Freddie King’s ‘Going Down’ just doesn’t lend itself too well to rapping beyond the novelty of actually doing it. But placed at the opening of the mixtape it works wonders as a statement of intent, just as well as a snippet of hard boiled movie dialogue would for hardcore rap or a quote from a civil rights leader would for something socially conscious. The listener is immediately able to infer the state of mind of the artist, his general mood and the frame of reference he speaks from. To wit, if you hear those opening guitar licks and you recognize them and it draws an approving smile, you’re probably in the right place.

And then there are the food haute cuisine references… Many rappers lace their narratives with gastronomic allusions, but none do/did it to such extent or with such relish (terrible pun, sorry). Oh you think steak and lobster is some shit? Good for you, Bronson laughs at your TGIFridays-ness while dry aging Kobe beef and swigging from the bottle of 100yo cognac he meant to use in his Newburg sauce. Here you have to note that while others use fine dining as a signifier of advanced financial status, Bronson does it mostly out of sheer love for the subject. The guy just loves to cook and eat, and he’ll gladly tell you all about it in intense detail. Fair warning, his enthusiasm is infectious and listening to Bon Appetit…. around dinner time can be an expensive proposition. Last time I had it in the headphones while in the supermarket I walked away with $20 half-pound of prosciutto. And I’m glad I did it.

You can stream the whole mixtape below and buy it for cheap from here, here and here.

Thirstin Howl The 3rd – Double Dosage ft Meyhem Lauren & J-Love

Monday, January 31st, 2011
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Pretty much a no-brainer combo if you’re into this kind of thing.

Thirstin Howl The 3rd – Double Dosage ft Meyhem Lauren & J-Love

J-Love & Meyhem Lauren feat. Cormega – It’s Like (VIDEO)

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010
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Our man Meyhem just dropped this video with J and Cory so now we’re spreading it out. For more info about Meyhem go to