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Take It Personal Podcast (Ep 4: Wu-Tang Tribute)

Thursday, January 12th, 2017
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To many, Staten Island is known as the dump. To us hip-hop heads, it’s known as Shaolin, the home of the Wu-Tang Clan. Who would have thought a group of 9 rappers would have changed the game, but they definitely did. Nobody has ever done hip-hop like WTC and I’m pretty sure nobody ever will. While The Wu is one of the most respected and beloved group of all-time, a two hour tribute doesn’t seem long enough. That said, here is our tribute that should help remind you that Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing ta F*ck Wit!

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Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge – Murder Spree [feat. Inspectah Deck, U​-​God, Masta Killa and Killa Sin]

Thursday, April 4th, 2013
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I have run out of superlatives, now just sitting on pins and needles waiting for this thing to arrive.


Killah Priest – Wubian Nation Ft. Raekwon / Devotion To The Saints (Feat. Ghostface Killah & Inspectah Deck) /

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013
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I still ride for Priest pretty hard. He found himself an insular niche and did well in it. Not everything he makes works, but there are some serious gems to be found if you’re willing to sift through the myriad of material in his catalog. He also might be the only person on recent memory to outshine Roc Marciano on a track. Plus, if nothing else, it’s just really refreshing and fun to take a break from whatever else everybody else is rapping about and delve into a 40 track opus about alien conspiracies, samurai swords and hebrew scriptures. The songs below are some of the highlights from that opus which have conveniently popped up on audiomack.
A random aside that’s been buzzing around my head… there are some kinda funny/kinda interesting parallels between Priest and Lil B – both endlessly preach complex mildly unhinged personal philosophies which they embrace without even a trace of irony, both are insanely prolific, both cater to an increasingly niche but fiercely loyal cult audience, both have become something of a meme. Not to mention the obvious fact that both are permanently left of general mental normality, in the best way possible. Shit, they might even be the same person, in a Looper kind of of way.
Killah Priest – Wubian Nation Ft. Raekwon

Killah Priest – Devotion To The Saints (Feat. Ghostface Killah & Inspectah Deck)

Killah Priest – The Park

Raekwon – Rockstars (feat. Inspectah Deck & GZA)

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010
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This is one of the bonus tracks from the OBFCL2: Deluxe Chocolate Coin Edition. The chorus is too long. Deck inexplicably triple-times his whole verse. GZA’s verse is great but his delivery is surprisingly kinda sloppy. Still, the song works.

DOWNLOAD: Raekwon – Rockstars (feat. Inspectah Deck & GZA)

Inspectah Deck – The Champion (prod. Alchemist)

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010
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Newest Deck single by Beverly Hill’s finest producer. Peep the t-list for Manifesto below. –Philaflava

The Champion (prod. Alchemist)



1. Tombstone Intro (Prod. by J.Glaze)
2. The Champion (Prod. by Alchemist)
3. Born Survivor ft Cormega (Prod. by Moss)
4. This Is It (Prod. by Dtox)
5. Luv Letter ft Ms. Whitney (Prod. by INS)
6. P.S.A (Prod. by Lee Bannon)
7. T.R.U.E ft. MeShel (Prod. by INS)
8. We Get Down (Prod. by INS)
9. The Big Game ft Raekwon & AC (Prod. by Mental Instruments)
10. Tombstone Interlude (Prod. by J.Glaze)
11. 9th Chamber (Prod. by INS and Khino)
12. Really Real ft. Carlton Fisk & Fes Taylor (Prod. by INS)
13. Serious Rappin ft Termanology & Planet Asia (Prod. by Mike Cash)
14. Do What U Gotta (Prod. by Flip)
15. Crazy (Prod. by J.Glaze)
16. Gotta Bang ft Kurupt and Billy Danze (Prod. by Shorty 140)
17. The Bad Apple (Prod. by K.Slack)
18. Brothaz Respect ft Cappadonna and Fes Taylor (Prod. by Cee the Architech)
19. 5 Star G (Prod. by Moss)
20. The Neverending Story ft Pleasant (Prod. by Agallah)

Jojo Pellegrino f. Sean Price & Inspectah Deck – Triple Homicide

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010
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New single from former Violator great white hype Jojo Pellegrino. Maybe he wasn’t on Violator, maybe it was just Loud, either way check it out because you know you wanna hear what Sean P and Deck say. –Philaflava

Jojo Pellegrino f. Sean Price & Inspectah Deck “Triple Homicide” (prod. by Frank Dukes)