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STREAM: Ron G – Harlem World 155th Street (1998ish?)

Friday, June 26th, 2015
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I found this via First Name Ralph, a great eponymous blog which has a wealth of awesome 90s mixtapes up for streaming. I went to this particular tape first because I was specifically looking for something by Ron G (I was in the mood for some blends). Judging by the tracklist this tape was likely put together sometime in 98ish, or somewhere thereabout. A good range of rap from that period is represented, you get big crossover singles and Tunnel bangers and some indie but still street-oriented rapping ass rapping, all mixed and blended in Ron G’s trademark style.
Ralph himself provides some interesting details about what’s included on the tape in his original post HERE. For more on Ron G, you should definitely read Stan Ipcus’ very informative interview with the man over at Nah Right.
Full Tracklist:
Side A
Who’s nice? – Camron
Bloody Money Part 2 – Noriega / Nas / Nature
Ooh la la (Ron G Remix) – Demond
Love the way (Charlie Thompson Mix) – Elements of Life
Unpunkinwitable – Sonya Blade
State to State – Noid / Common / Dug Infinite
Clubbin (remix) – Ice Cube / DMX
Jam on it – Cardan / Jermaine Dupri
Freestyle (BK Version) – Franchise
Turn it up (remix) (Night Rider Version) – Busta Rhymes
Nasty Boy – Notorious BIG / Puff Daddy
Hotel Motel – AKIL / Honey
Freestyle – Mr AG
Side B
Jive Allstars – Mic Vandels / Jane Bond / Casino / Arron Hall
Been around the world (remix) – Puff Daddy / Mase
Freestyle – Sonya Blade
Everybody wanna rat – The Lox
One Love – Cormega
Horse and Carriage – Camron / Mase
I want you back (remix) – Black Rob / Michael Jackson
Work – Gangstarr
A million and one questions (remix) – Jay-Z
What time is it – Sauce Money / Waize / Big Jaz
I like it like that – Tracy Lee (Hot)
Dolla Bills – Money Boss Playas
Money – Charlie Baltimore
What – Rah-Sun

Cam’ron – Baby Ain’t Mine (Ft. Sen City) / 3rd Floor Flow

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014
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Two standouts from the latest installment of Cam’s spotty but occasionally great 1st of the Month EP series. Respectively these are good examples of the kind of songs Cam has excelled at since the woefully underrated Ghetto Heaven Vol 1 – randomly great weirdly specific and very based conceptual tracks (see also Instagram), and un-surprisingly great folksy rap workouts about drug sales and everyday hood life over mellow/soul loops (see ‘My Life’, ‘Go Outside’, ‘Come And Talk To Me’.)


Frankie P – Safe (featuring Audubon)

Friday, April 11th, 2014
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Taken from Frankie P’s Hazy Nights In The Heights 2.
The first installment of the Hazy Nights series was an almost entirely instrumental affair, and to this day it remains one of my favorite instrumental albums on recent memory. The new sequel EP broadens the scope of the music; only half of the track list is instrumental, the other half features contributions from rapper Audubon and singer Camille Safiya. Both do well, and ‘Safe’ ends up as the most prominent standout in the whole set. The track is a story of a heist, and the smokey jazz sound that is the lynchpin of the Hazy Nights series adds a noir-ish element remeniscent of Chester Himes’ novels.

You can stream the entire EP HERE, and buy it on itunes HERE.

$ha Hef – So Explicit (Prod. Mordecai Beats)

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013
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Some dead-eyed wintery goon raps from NY’s $ha Hef. Taken from his upcoming mixtape Mafioso Psalms.

Here are a couple of more songs I like from his previous mixtape Based On A True Story.



Cam’ron – Get ‘Em Girls (MONEYDVNCE Remix)

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013
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As a bonus to the surprisingly good Ghetto Heaven, MONEYDVNCE turns ‘Get ‘Em Girls’ into some shit that El-P might have made after huffing refrigerator fluid for a week straight. And I mean that in the best way possible.

via FACT

Cam’ron – Ghetto Heaven (Vol 1)

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013
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A really nice surprise here. Cam in good form; strong esoteric beat selection, occasionally bordering on inspired (Golden Girls them and The Cults make appearances, somehow…); very few superfluous features and barely any weed carriers in sight. I thought “Ducking Onetime” would be by far the best song, but there are others on par with it, or at least close enough to count. Might be the best thing he’s dropped in a while.