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Philaflava Presents – Sound Lab: The Mixtape

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010
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Here’s a new mixtape featuring some of Philaflava’s forums finest talent. About half the songs have vocals, and the rest are instrumentals. Artists include: Captin Planit, DeffEnders, chump change, dirtybird, Can-U, Tack-Fu, Godamus Rhyme, ardamus, elohim, still illiterate, and The Red Scare. –Philaflava


The 2009 Register Vol.3: Godamus Rhyme

Thursday, December 10th, 2009
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My disclaimer: I’ve taken the liberty of deciding for all of you that trudging through some half-assed, inferior, “End of the Year” smorgasbord of songs and situations of importance to me, Employee, would bore you to salty pretzel, heart-shaped tears comprised of an indescribable fury. That being said….I thought it would be lighter on the psyche if I asked as many different microphone megalomaniacs and sample slaughterers if they’d be benevolent by sharing their personal ruminations on the year that will soon be a calendar in the garbage. Nothing is edited.

Godamus Rhyme

Looking back on this year… I definitely have to say it was more positive than negative. On a personal level I had some really good ups. I also had some really shitty downs, but they were all money related and it’s a recession, so take that for what it is. I’m still broke, I’m still in Florida, and I still got a lot to accomplish.

As far as my career is concerned, I had a few milestones. First and foremost was the release of my mixtape The Adventures of Rhyme & Sense. It was my first serious attempt to break into the blogosphere and while it didn’t do as much as I might have dreamed, I did manage to do 1300+ downloads with only a few weeks of promotion and no buzz to speak of before hand. While in comparison to someone who does 10-20,000 downloads in their first week it might not seem much, but I pretty much got completely shutdown in my attempts to get any of the major blogs (2DBz, illRoots, Nah Right, etc.) to give it any play/placement. Apparently I suck at politics. The blogs that did support, did so wholeheartedly and gave me great feedback. For that I am grateful. Off the strength of that I managed to get my first print cover, my first west coast shows, a nice run of out of town gigs and some decent internet press.

I was also supposed to release two more projects before the end of the year, one of them being an EP with Philaflava & The T.R.O.Y. Blog called “Classically Trained.” If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard The Philaflava Project which contained one of the songs from it, “Passin’ Me By.” Obviously, it’s not out yet and that is completely my fault. I wanted it done by July, but some serious writers block, plus some personal setbacks stretched out my timeline. I’m still working on it (sorry Jason) and I promise I will have it finished before spring if it kills me. I also intend on putting out another mixtape and I’m working on a full length album. Hopefully 2010 will see me much more productive than 09. I’m hoping to travel a lot more too.

But let’s be honest, I hate writing about myself and you probably hate reading about me. So let’s get to the state of Hip-Hop in 2009. I think some of the crappiest records I ever heard came out this year. Especially when lookin at the majors. The thing is, I also think some of the best shit I’ve heard in awhile dropped too. So here are my top 5 Reasons Hip-Hop Is Not Dead this year.

1. Mayday – Technology: This EP is my favorite release of the year hands down. If you aren’t familiar with this Miami based band, correct your mistake. It’s available for free on their bandcamp page. The homie Wrekonize is one of the two emcees in the group and his performance on this record is amazing. He raps with a lot of passion and great lyrics, but it turns out he’s also a great vocalist. (No Drizzy)

2. Diamond District – In the Ruff: This is great hip-hop. Grimy, traditional east coast boom bap with a DMV twist. Oddissee really shows his versatility as a producer, chopping breaks with the best of em, and showing a style on the boards that many would think he’d never use. All the emcees are great and mesh really well. One person told me he didn’t think any of the emcees really stood out, but isn’t that how a good group should function? Not one shinging, but all complementing each other and being greater together than apart?

3. The Foreign Exchange – Leave It All Behind: I know this isn’t a hip-hop record, but dammit, it’s Phonte & Nicolay. We all know what Connected was. These dudes really showed that you can completely switch your steez and if the product is dope, the fanbase will stick with you and grow. These dudes have been touring the globe all year and got nominated for the Grammies so they gotta be doing something right.

4. Slaughterhouse – Yeah, I know. I’ve heard it all before You hate Joe Budden. Royce has fallen off. Joell sucks. Crooked I shoulda stopped making records when Death Row dropped him… ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR GODDAMN SKULL?! Slaughterhouse is the proof that a super group can actually work. Yeah, the album wasn’t perfect. So fucking what? The streets were screaming for product and that’s what they gave them. Personally, I’m a fan of all four and I thought the album was great. Not perfect, but really good. What more could you ask for on short notice?

5. Drake – So Far Gone: Say what you want about him, but Drake has changed the game in 2009. I’m not saying he did it on his own. The Cash Money co-signs and big time management definitely helped. But how many times have we seen a well established, famous rapper co-sign someone new and untested only to have said rapper’s career go nowhere? Memphis Bleek? Willie Northpole? Streetlife? Gemini (Lupe fiasco’s homeboy)? Shit, look how fucking long it took for Consequence to get an album out and he was co-signed at the height of Tribe’s popularity. He got a US tour full of sold out dates (at $40 a ticket), multiple award nominations, and an unheard of record deal ALL OFF A MIXTAPE. And then, after he’d done all that, he re-released the mixtape in stores and is making money off the same shit he gave away. He’s shown us all what’s possible with some luck, hard work, knowing what works for you, and having a good team. What Drake did shouldn’t have been possible in 2009. But he did it.

6. *Bonus Track*Charles Hamilton ether’d himself. Nuff said.

So with all that going on, I think it’s safe to say Hip-Hop is in a good place. The industry sucks and the Blogosphere has gone from being the new tastemakers to being the new radio, but it doesn’t matter. There’s a shit ton of variety out there if you’re willing to listen. The cats who are really talented and have a real work ethic won’t fall through the cracks. You may not become rich being a rapper anymore, but to quote the good brother Oddissee, “You can make a damn good living.”


A tip of the hat to Godamus. For more on the man himself go here. Then download 6th Sense vs. Godamus Rhyme – The Adventures of Rhyme & Sense.


The Philaflava Project

Monday, November 16th, 2009
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Last April both Alaska and myself got the idea to put together a compilation of some of the rappers and producers found on Philaflava. We gave you a taste a few months back with Our Rappers Are Better Than Yours comp, but this project was different, it’s unique and all home-grown. We hand picked submitted beats from producers and matched them with rappers we felt were best suited for this project.

The Philaflava Project’s purpose is to showcase the  array of talents you’ll find on Philaflava. While this doesn’t showcase all the talents found on our website, it definitely gives you a good idea of what we have to offer. If you’re unfamiliar with an artist I strongly encourage you to ask your best friend Google about them. All them would be more than happy to provide you information about their own projects, tours or even build should you feel there is an opportunity.

Our main aim is to bring awareness to both the producers and the emcees involved on this project. While feedback is strongly suggested and definitely appreciated, spreading the word and this album (pass on the links) are most important. Thanks to all the parties involved. Thanks to Alaska & Chace Random for helping make sure this really came out and thanks to Strategy for taking the time-out in tagging all the tracks. Enjoy! –Philaflava

The Philaflava Project


Download Compilation

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Please leave feedback in either the Philaflava thread or on this post. Which was your favorite track? Favorite beat? Favorite verse?