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STREAM: Denzel Curry Presents 32 Zel / Planet Shrooms

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015
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Denzel’s double EP follow up to 2013’s cult favorite Nostalgic 64. Not gonna say the ‘ps’ word here since it’s being overused even more than usual this year, but fwiw ‘Shrooms’ is right in the title. And yea, aside from some nods to Outkast (Big Rube!), it does seem like Denzel is minimizing his 90s nostalgia in favor of exploring some drug inspired headspace.

New Interview: Slug (from Atmosphere)

Monday, March 16th, 2015
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It’s been a Minnesota minute since we last chopped it up with our pal Sluggo. This weekend Atmosphere kicks-offs their Welcome To Florida tour, so it only made sense to mix it up once again as we talk music, touring, Obama and his dislike for Larry David. If you haven’t already checked out Southsiders, you can now stream the album on Spotify or cop on the Tunes. –Jason Gloss


Philaflava:  It seems like Atmopshere has this 3 year plan with each release since Seven’s Travels. You drop an album, tour, make music and boom, three years later we got another studio release. Are you still on that path?


Slug: Not sure. I can’t say that we’ve intentionally held on that structure. We always end up putting out extra music between album cycles. I think we just hand shit in and the label talks to itself about when it wants to release the music.


Philaflava: We’ll soon be coming up on a year (6/5/2014) since the Southsiders album dropped. Looking back, are you happy with the response the album received from both the critics and fans?


Slug: I’m genuinely happy with how Southsiders was received. The handful of friends that I absolutely needed to understand it, did understand it. I’ve been on this little red wagon long enough to embrace that we have no control over how strangers interpret our crap. One thing I did notice from reading the reviews was that the age of the critic was maybe-kinda-possibly a factor this time? It seemed like younger writers didn’t care for it, whereas some of the older writers at least tried to understand it and say something nice or constructive about it. I believe that’s par for the course.



Grigrislang & Jocelyn Anglemort Present: Southern Gatorz Vol4 – Miami Vice

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015
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A new volume of @Grigrislang‘s (aka JP Labarthe) great series of mixes spotlighting Southern regions, this one focused on artists from Florida. This man digs deeper than most of your favorite blogs (including this one tbh), his twitter feed is always full of gems, so if you’re looking for some interesting stuff off the beaten path his mixes and tweets are a goldmine.
1/ Uzi – ‘Riot Control’ [Chopped & Screwed by A 13 *Southern Gatorz Edit*] 2/ Florida Boyz – ‘666’
3/ Teddy Blow Feat. J Sta$h – ‘Back 2 Da Trap’
4/ Yg Live Feat. Slim & Jae Yung – ‘Touched’
5/ Fat Nick – ‘Creepin’
6/ Bevthe2nd Feat. Kenny Turnup – ‘Trap Phone’
7/ Richie Wess Feat. Tom G – ‘On Deck’
8/ Jae Yung Feat. Whiteboymac – ‘Welcome 2 Miami’
9/ Bukkweat Bill – ‘Judge Judy’
[skit] ‘Playa Pimpin’
10/ Cashy – ‘Playa Pimpin’
11/ Pouya Feat. Twonoutspoken – ‘Lil Homies’
12/ Mikey The Magician Feat. Fat Nick- ‘BANDO’
13/ Lee Cavalli Feat. Trace – ‘You Trippin’
14/ Tru Menace Feat. GhostBoy Chiefa – ‘How It Goes’
15/ RASKLz – ‘Pha-Real’
16/ Yung Simmie – ‘Bring The Pain’
17/ Crooosh Feat. Prez P & Sean Buck – ‘Frozen In Time’
[outro] Rick Ross – ‘Port of Miami’ [Slowed by Jocelyn Anglemort *Southern Gatorz Edit*]
Via Captcha. The mixing on this volume was done by Jocelyn Anglemort.

Vino – Cell Therapy Ft Armstrong (Prod By Bankbwoi)

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014
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Another good dark and kinda off-kilter track from Vino and Armstrong (more from them HERE). The word’wistful’ comes to mind here, in lieu of a better adjective.

Taken from Vino’s No Favors mixtape.

Armstrong – Blood Of The Lamb (Mixtape)

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014
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This one has the atypical ‘WW3‘ and ‘The Genesis‘, both of which I previously geeked over, as well as a few other somewhat unusual gems. On first spin, ’20 Thousand’, ‘All A Dream’ and ‘Sharecropper’ stood out among the newer tracks.
Gotta also give the man some props for tacking on a James Brown song as a bonus, just for the fuck of it apparently.

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Cashy – Platinum Plus EP

Friday, January 31st, 2014
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It would probably be absolutely impossible to actually deliver the levels of swag promised by the cover, but the music makes a strong and admirable effort towards it.

Discovered by our prodigal co-founder Blast.