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VIDEO: Edan – Echo Party Movie

Thursday, April 17th, 2014
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Echo Party Movie from Edan on Vimeo.
Edan’s wildly batshit 2010 mix of psychedelia, funk, breakbeats and whatever other crazyness he has in his crates, now set to equally batshit visuals by Tom Fitzgerald.

Steady Bloggin’ Presents: Space Age Soul

Monday, May 7th, 2012
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My concept for this compilation was very loose – modern music bearing influences of classic soul, funk or jazz; combined with tangible or intangible touches space-age futurism. The only significant restrictive caveats were ‘no rap’ and ‘nothing made more than 10 years ago’. Which gave me a wide range to play with, and so I ended up with a rather varied assortment spread from psychedelic soul to minimalist dub experiments to jazz space operas to bouncy midtempo synth-funk. I did my best to mold it all into some sort of cohesion, and it worked. Kinda.
Some of these songs have been posted here before. Most are fairly obscure, which was a purposeful choice; a few more known exceptions were too good to pass up. I annotated the track list with some notes in case anyone is interested, you can find that below the jump. The whole thing can be streamed via the Bandcamp widget. Enjoy.
1. Wilder Zoby – Contagious
2. Levek – Look On The Bright Side
3. Fiber – Dust
4. BADBADNOTGOOD – Flashing Lights
5. Ari Roze – Rolling With The Dub
6. Mara TK – Run (away from the valley of fear)
7. Sonny Coates x Shafiq Husayn – mjrhe∆vy !!!!!!!!!!!!_! (*)
8. Thundercat – For Love I Come
9. Nite Funk (Dam-Funk & Nite Jewel) – Am I Gonna Make It

DOWNLOAD: Steady Bloggin’ Presents: Space Age Soul

Thanks to John Turner Jr. for the cover

Blu – Ronald Morgan Ft. Edan

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011
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From Blu’s freshly leaked (liberated from the label’s clutches?) NoYork album.
I’m about 93.78% certain Edan made this beat, although I can’t confirm it and the only list of production credits I’ve found doesn’t name him. The style is very similar to what he did on Beauty & The Beat
DOWNLOAD: Blu – Ronald Morgan Ft. Edan


VIDEO: Edan’s Echo Party Movie trailer

Monday, November 1st, 2010
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Produced/directed by Tom Fitzgerald, Cut Chemist’s go-to video man who works also for Cinefamily in L.A., Edan’s Echo Party Movie is a fast-paced, retro onglomeration of unrelated and interesting video clips from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s that prove to be like a Sour Patch Kid for the eye. Cut in perfect harmony with Edan’s music, the movie is an ideal synch for Echo Party’s multi-elemental vibe where, using Traffic’s extensive back catalogue of old school hip-hop, Edan mixes, reworks, and adds layers of his own instrumentation to create an eclectic blend of psychedlia and beats. The movie cuts in and out of old Indian/Bollywood films, spray painting graffiti artists, children operating computers, vintage ads, risque cartoons, and everything in between. Like the LP, each DVD cover is hand-stamped by the artist himself in one of five unique designs adding further to the artistic flair that could only be Edan’s. (The covers shown here are examples – each cover is different.)

That clip is almost too much to deal with for a slow monday afternoon but the concept is attractive and all things Edan-related are always at least worth a look. You can pre-order the dvd here and here. It ships Nov 9.

Jun Ohki’s “SBX! Holding Down The Tradition”

Monday, June 7th, 2010
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Tell your Monday cubicle to fuck off!!!


The Whitefield Bros – The Gift ft Edan and Mr Lif

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009
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The Whitefield Brothers (nom de plume for the veteran german funk band Poets of Rhythm) recorded their gritty dark  kinda weird 2001 album In The Raw back when The Menahan Street Band were still a bunch of marching band geeks in an Iowa high school (this is a completely arbitrary and likely wildly erroneous assumption). As these things often go the album became a bit of a cult hit, and was recently re-issued in expanded form by Now Again records.

The Gift is the first single from their upcoming followup Earthology. It features Edan and Mr. Lif. It sounds like  it could’ve been on Edan’s Beauty and The Beat, albeit slightly mellower and more organic.  Naturally it sounds like it was recorded inside a rusty bucket.  There’s a lot of tuba and echo-effects, and a little Ron Burgundy-esque jazz flute.   I can dig it.

The Whitefield Bros – The Gift ft Edan and Mr Lif