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Lil Boosie – Chase The Paper Ft. Pimp C & Bun B

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013
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For reference purposes, here be the original KRIT-less version of Bun B’s “Cake” (leaked yesterday). The new refurbishing is pretty good too, I got no beef with it at all.

The Roots Undun Review (The Only One That Matters)

Sunday, December 4th, 2011
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For the past week we’ve seen a bunch of people tackle this album. Writers these days take themselves way too seriously. That or they have these agendas in writing these reviews just to grab a few hits and if they’re lucky maybe a couple of RTs. I’m not a writer. I’m a simple man, I like my beans and rice. We live in a world that is quite simple if you ask me. It’s black, it’s white. It’s good, it’s bad. It’s hot, it’s cold. It’s yes or no. These definitive answers shape who we are.


There is no need to string together a wordy review that only serves as self-indulgent drivel just to deliver one adjective in describing Undun.


We’ve been spoiled for practically two decades now with progression, not regression from The Roots crew. We want Malik B. We miss Len Hub. We want more N.T. collabos. We want more Black Thought verses. We want lengthier tracks and albums; [insert Elaine] yada yada yada.


Dead Poet Presents – Chill Mix 5

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011
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Philaflava’s Dead Poet just dropped this gem and it’s too good not to pass on to our readers. Download and enjoy! –Philaflava