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Take It Personal – KRS-One Tribute

Sunday, April 22nd, 2018
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Episode 25 was a dream come true for us. If you’ve listened to our Wu-Tang, DJ Premier, Prodigy, Atmosphere and Pete Rock tribute shows, you know we’re like Steady B and take these tributes seriously. On this 5+ hour tribute, we take you back to the days of Boogie Down Production all the way to the Blastmaster of today. We sprinkle in boom bap classics, underground anthems, guest appearances, remixes and personal favorites throughout this musical journey. It’s sometimes easy to forget greatness, but after this episode, we’re certain everyone will remember just how important, influential and accomplished KRS-One is. We’re also certain after listening, it’s going to be difficult not to reconsider your greatest MC’s rankings. We have a brand new website where you can stream, download and view playlists for every episode we release. Enjoy our KRS-One tribute and keep real hip-hop alive!

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Magneto’s Top 10 Rappers Ever (Entrant 2)

Friday, July 2nd, 2010
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And we’re down to the final two. Deciding who would be ranked number one between the last two really difficult, because they end up with identical scores. What determined who was first and second, was then based off which ones of the four factors holds the most value in terms of who actually is the better rapper. For me, the combination of Material and Influence, which one ranked one point higher than the other in those categories which put him over the top. So without further adieu .. we are at number 2.



Live from the BRONX, NY KRS-One is considered one of the most controversial and contradictory rappers of all-time, but also maybe the best