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Ardamus – Thx4UrHONESTY.[liar]

Saturday, February 11th, 2017
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Longtime rapper and Philaflava board member (btw, boards will be back Tuesday), breaks us off with his newest free release Thx4UrHONESTY.[liar]. No truer words have ever been said of this man than what Ceschi said below.

“Sometimes those people who get the most known are people who kinda step all over others,” says Ceschi Ramos, co-founder of Fake Four Records, which released Thx4UrHONESTY.[liar], “Unfortunately, Ardamus is not as well know, possibly because he’s such a nice guy.”

Cop (name your price) the new EP here.

Ardamus – “My Kinda Party”

Thursday, June 24th, 2010
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The incomparable Ardamus is now DMV video-licensed. This would almost work as an East Coast companion piece to “Al Bundy.”


Enoch 7th Prophet: DMV legend

Sunday, May 16th, 2010
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There some artists who do more than just perform and make a name for themselves. You have artists out there that conduct radio shows, become positive figures in the community, and……most importantly show the scene how to have their own lanes paved for themselves. With that said, I introduce to you all Enoch 7th Prophet. He is a critical part of the DC Hip Hop Scene for his contributions over years. Alongside being the host of the Tru Skool open mic for consecutive years (taking over from Born Infinite and Capt. Caveman) to being the host of his 2008 Award-Winning Podcast online radio show entitled “Mental Salvation”, Enoch has consistently put out musical projects that he has blessed the scene with; sharing affiliations with Pay It Forward Records located in Georgia and Vintage Music Group in Washington, DC. Currently, he released his new project with DJ SE entitled “ElectricSolforce” that he has been pushing independently. Also, if you know about the scene, you can also catch Enoch 7th hosting the popular once-a-month open mic, Cakes & Kisses, located in the heart of Adams Morgan at Asylum. Here’s a taste of what Enoch can do musically:

If you would like to tune to his radio show, Mental Salvation, here is the link:

Seez Mics Of Educated Consumers – “Broken Clock: Skeleton Key” ft. DJ Cam-One

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010
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For those who are not aware of Seez Mics, he has covered alot of ground in the DMV scene with his DIY effort alongside his peers. From being part of The Anonymous Crew to being part of other side projects (Old School Vendetta and Father Scott Unlimited), Seez Mics made head-way with his music when he met producer Jay Bomb Beat (formely known as T.E.C.K.) and formed Educated Consumers. With an impressive grind, they went on to open up for such acts as Chali 2na, Brother Ali, and Atmosphere. Along the way, Educated Consumers has made connection and colloborated with other artists such as Dez and Nobs, Copywrite, Pack FM, iCON the Mic King, manCHILD from Mars ILL, K-Chromozone of Head Resignators, and etc. Some of you may be familiar with Educated Consumers if you have caught their tours throughout mainly the east coast. Here’s a blast from the past for those who want a sample of their music:

There’s more but I think that’s enough to catch you up to speed With 4 albums, 2 EPs, a vinyl singles, and videos from Educated Consumers (if I’m wrong Seez or Jay, correct me), we have Seez Mics venturing out on his own with the help of crew affiliate DJ Cam-One on all of the scratches. Production from DJ Cam-One, Jay Bomb Beat, Mac Lethal, nocreditscore, TK, and Father Scott. Apparently its dropping May 1st but for only $5 you can cop the download now. Peep the snippets beforehand to know thats it worth your money.


A. I. Love You

Sunday, April 25th, 2010
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Now, there are very few groups who I see on the underground who have that crazy appeal to the masses. Or at least, that what it seems. Experimenting with original instrumentation and different genres with their brand of hip hop, brothers Ayinde aka Asi (emcee) and Kid Che (producer) form the group A. I. Love You from the Maryland area. You’ll google their name and some manga comic will come up but underneath, you will see this group ranging their music from Electro to Alternative to Hip Hop. I can honestly say their music pulls the broads and gets them moving if you listen to how they coordiante their sound with certain songs. But don’t let that fool you from time to time, they’ll hit you with some production that knocks in the trunk that gets layered with some crisp vocals. Exhibit A….this video below entitled “L.A.M.S.”. Now, for a while, its has somewhat of dance feel to it with miminal words, right? Ok, now peep when it switches up at about 03:02 in the video and you’ll see what I mean. The second video is a short promo with some funny quotes. I think its some of the older stuff they’ve done. Not sure but peep game: –Ardamus

A.I. Love You – L.A.M.S. from AyindeFactory on Vimeo.

A.i. Love You “Critically Acclaimed” from A.I. Love You on Vimeo.

See, what I mean? Not only that……but they got some good promo game. Exhibit B….they’ve been doing promos for their show at Expo to premiere another one of their videos with a 3D Donut Show. Free Donuts and premiering some videos on some big screens with 3D glasses. With performances by A. I. Love You, S.O. S. Band, Ndelible and more on 4/25 @ EXPO for all my DC heads; thats on 1928 9th Street NW. But anyways, here’s the promo vids for their show:

The 3D Donut Show! – April 25th @ Expo (1928 9th St. NW) 6-11pm from AyindeFactory on Vimeo.

The 3D Donut Show! (Part 2) 4/25 @ Expo Lounge 6-11pm from AyindeFactory on Vimeo.

Exhibit C (no Jay Electronica) is the music. I’m not sure if they had much more out than these projects but here’s two to give you guys a listen as far as what they’re going.

A. I. Love You – “Sincerely Yours”

A. I. Love You – “The Lonely Hearts Club”

A good part of the reason why I blogged about these guys is because they seem to know how present what they’re marketing well. The music matches the images and vice versa. And they have some original ideas they incorporate with it. If anything, the world deserves to hear and see what A. I. Love You is all about.

Celebrate 4/20 w/DMV’s Benji

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010
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Known for his output of the 202 mixtapes that flooded the DC/MD/VA area and rolling his crew 3 Stars 2 Bars, Benji blesses us on 4/20 with SSD2 (Same Shit, Different Part 2). Ok, you wanna check out Part 1 beforehand? Peep the blog: Everything you need to peep from what Benji has done over the years up til now will give you an idea of this man’s hustle. Now back to the project. This project features Diamond District’s X.O. as well as DMV artists Whitefolkz, D.O.E. C.I.G.A.P.O.M., Ab The Producer (who produced hald of X.O.’s 1.1.10), Toney Night, Gordo Brega, K-Beta, Ricky Parker, and Yanistar. He is one of the main cats you’ll see hold it down at the PURE Open Mic and also one of the cats you will see take out of town trips and hustle his product. Then hustle some more with his projects giving him a pretty decent catalogue. Not only just for himself as well as his collaborations with other folks. And for all smokers, get your coordination back for a second, put down the doritos, and download this shit right chea’.