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VIDEO: GMane – Smoke N Ride Music Ft. Bentley

Monday, October 29th, 2012
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Hurricane music continued. The song is from GMane & CScale’s The American Way EP.
via GG&G

Alaska’s Interview with Tyler the Creator from OFWGKTA

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010
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Our friend and occasional contributor Alaska aka Tim Baker did an interview with Tyler from OFWGKTA. It’s featured on Alaska’s own ( works too if you’re lazy). Go read it here.

The Philaflava Series Presents – Big Scen – No Days Off

Monday, May 10th, 2010
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In April of 2009 the good folks who post on the message board over at Philaflava put forth the idea of creating a project to represent the talent that the board possessed; The Philaflava Project. The idea was to team producers and emcees who frequent the board. Jason Gloss aka Philaflava and Tim Baker aka Alaska decided to spearhead the project and after some trials and tribulations the project eventually came out. It was seen as a success by those involved and the fans of the music and even garnered some press outside of the site. The success of the project inspired Gloss and Baker to develop The PhilaFlava Series, which intends to give individual artists a chance to shine and see greater light. The premise is the same; team up the talent on the board and see what comes, only the focus has shifted. Instead of collection of various artists the PhilaFlava Series will spotlight only one, he or she will in turn select the talent on the board they wish to work with.

This brings us to our very first release – The Philaflava Series Presents: Big Scen – No Days Off. Big Scen was one of the stand outs on the original Philaflava Project. His track Represent to the Fullest was a personal favorite of both Gloss and Baker and decided that he would be a perfect artist to start the series with.

Big Scen, 23 years old, was born and raised in Toronto. Coming from a musical background, Scen attended an arts school in Toronto for Saxophone, and has been rapping since he was 16. Scen has always been a natural. Interested in pursuing post-secondary education, he went to university for three years, when he realized that he missed the music too much and put his education on hold. Since then he has been making quite a name for himself in the burgeoning Toronto scene. He has most notably opened for RA The Rugged Man, The Roots, Mixmaster Mike, and Killah Priest. Additionally Scen recently released the song “Broke As Fuck” with Sean Price and DMC Champion DJ Grouch.

Big Scen is currently working on his debut solo album, which is untitled, as well as a full length album with Rosario titled “The Standard.”



Timlaska’s Top Ten-est Albums of All Time Honorable Mention

Friday, March 12th, 2010
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Before we announce the #1 Top Ten-est Rap Album of All Time next week I wanted to focus on albums that just missed the top ten. These are all excellent albums that sadly had a fatal flaw I could not over look.

Black MoonEnta The Stage



Beat Minerz productions and Buckshot killing it for the first and only time.


– Featured 5 Ft. and Dru Ha, and the body count was just to ridiculous coming from two rappers under 5 feet tall and 120 pounds.

RedmanWhut Tha Album



– Not a bad song on the album, thick funk production and Redman at the height of his powers.


– To many stories of sharing women with Erick Serman and “Accidental” encounters with tranies.

ClipseLord Willin



– Great coke rap and amazing production


– Not being able to tell the rappers apart, guest appearances and Pharell

Main SourceBreaking Atoms



Large Pro production and rapping.


– Some nerd shit

Diamond D & The Psychotic NeuroticsStunts Blunts and Hip Hop

Diamond D- Stunts Blunts, Hip Hop


– Excellent production, Diamond is surprisingly adept on the mic


– Features Fat Joe and Lord Jammar

Timlaska’s Top Ten-est Albums Ever #2

Monday, March 8th, 2010
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I have been pretty much actively avoiding this write up since last week. Partly because by brain isn’t functioning that well due to lack of sleep and partly because I just didn’t know how to attack it. How many ways can you say “hey this thing here is great” without sounding redundant? With this album we are now 9 albums deep into our little Top Ten-est list, and like most top ten lists it seems like everything that needs to be said about an album has been said. Finding a new angle is increasingly difficult and at times pointless, but regardless I need to pull something out of my ass to finish strong.

When today’s album dropped, friends kept telling me I needed to check it, The Source gave it 5 mics, the world seemed geeked on it, but I just could not give it the respect it deserved because I my east coast bias was so strong. Their accents threw me as did their style. I loved SouthernPlaylisticCadillacMusic, when it dropped but there was still something decidedly familiar about that album, even the videos had a whole DPG meets Souls of Mischief vibe to them. Granted neither of those groups were east coast but they were familiar enough that I could get my head around it.

Atliens on the other hand turned me off completely, I hated the whole aesthetic. Of course now I can look back and see that there was some genuinely brilliant rap music on that album, but it was still an uneven effort and sounds incredibly dated. You can tell that they were on to something but it wasn’t fully clicking.

After a few months of non-stop brow beating Aquemini finally clicked with me thanks to my friend Big Ben who played the album endless when we were driving around Manhattan and Brooklyn in his Nissan Pathfinder doing things we probably shouldn’t have been while driving and messing with girls that could best be describe as “if she was your daughter you would feel ashamed of yourself”.

It was in that car and in that altered state of mind that I really started to appreciate the album. The production was original, thick and layered. The drums patterns were unique and amorphous, and the lyrical performances were tremendous. Big Boi is easily the best second fiddle not named Prince Po and Andre is just brilliant. His patterns are some of the best ever and continue to amaze even today. His content managed to remain entertaining even when being, for lack of a better term, conscious. He draws you in where others come across as pretentious (see Mos Def) or semi retarded (see Dead Prez). He is also the only MC right now that if feel has a chance to make an honest and entertaining album well into his late 30s and 40s.

Outkast has 4 albums that you can claim as their best, however the only one they would be correct about would be Aquemini.

Download Here

Timlaska’s Top Ten-est Albums Ever #4

Friday, February 19th, 2010
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If I were to ask you “Where’s my killer tape at?” you would undoubtbly know that “Shameek from 212 got bust in his head two times and he was laying there like a new born fucking baby god with all types of fucking blood coming out”

Or if in passing I said “torture muthafucker torture” you might inform me that you would indeed “stab my tongue with a rusty screwdriver”

Let’s say you were hungry and wanted to get some food that was best described as “some marvelous shit to get your mouth watering” you would know who to see.

How is it that we would all know this?


Well from our number four album Enter the 36 Chambers by The Wu Tang Clan.

Released in 1993 it revolutionized production and offered up a bevy of styles from GZA’s traditional rhythms and cadence to ODB’s madman with a mic style, it was unlike anything that any of us have heard at the time and since then artists have been trying to replicate it with expectedly boring and lackluster results….I’m looking at you white people.

My first experience with the Wu was at the Wiz on Central Avenue in Yonkers. I spent my summers working on a Coors truck and every Tuesday I would go to the Wiz and by all the new releases whether I heard them or not. Towards the end of that summer I bought the cassette single for Protect Ya Neck b/w Method Man. The art work could best be described as non-descript, basically plain white cover with a logo. I never heard them, but I read about them and people suggested I check them out. I went back to my car, at the time a Colt Vista Wagon, aka a piece of American shit that Detroit has become famous for, and played the single for a good 45 minutes before pulling out of the parking lot. It was that good and different. Even U-God came off, which is usually the case when he limited to 8 bars or less.

Needless to say I was stuck. I waited and waited until the album came out that fall. The wait was worth every second. The album dropped and it felt like everything changed, at least it did for me. Production now had to be moody and cinematic, lyrics had to be strong and layered and flows had to be insane. The album feature 3 of the greatest songs in the history of rap (Protect Ya Neck, CREAM, and Can It Be All So Simple) and I guess you can argue for a fourth with Method Man, which for my money was a great song for the 90s but not all time.

Everything about the album (with the exception of the song Tearz) is perfect, even the skits are enjoyable to this day. What other album has had skits that spawned hours of conversations and inside jokery, t-shirts, Youtube clips, etc. There are none.

I can’t believe I considered leaving this album off the list.