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Jarren Benton – GED ft. 4​-​Ize & Laws

Friday, June 29th, 2012
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Some good shit from Jarren’s latest brilliantly named endeavor Freebasing With Kevin Bacon


SMKA – The 808 Experiment: Vol 3 (Mixtape)

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011
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The third installment of The 808 Experiment series, again pairing some of today’s best young rapperw with SMKA production. The list of featured artists speaks for itself: 4-Ize, A-1 the Super Group , Aleon Craft, Bobby Creekwater, brandUn DeShay, Casey Veggies, DaVinci, Donny Goines, El Prez, FKi, Freddie Gibbs, Goines, Grip Plyaz, Jack Preston, Jackie Chain, Jarren Benton, K. Sparks, Laws, Mike Schpitz, Mikkey Halsted, Nesby Phips, Phil Ade, PRGz, RE, Rittz, Sam Dew (of Cloudeater), Scar, Skewby , Spodee, Spree Wilson, STS, Thee Tom Hardy, Tony Williams, Tuki (of Hollyweerd), XO, Young Lyxx and Young Scolla.

Stream/Download the mixtape via SMKA bandcamp:

4-Ize ‘Professional Ignorant’

Friday, December 3rd, 2010
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Mandatory Listening.

01. The Last Exorcism Intro (ft. Cash)

02. All Jesus (ft Dan Groover on guitar) [co-prod. Ensayne Wayne]

03. Chain Belt Kung Fu (ft. D1 & Number 2)

04. Stoned Groove (skit)

05. Blow Me Down [co-prod. Igloo]

06. True Confessions of a Dope Fiend

07. Bananas (ft. Capo)

08. Physical Threat (skit)

09. Let’cha Boy Go (ft. B.o.B) [prod. Da Honorable C-Note]

10. Oooo Yayes (ft. Capo)

11. I Brought It Here (ft. BackBone)

12. Go for the Face (ft. Punchline, Stahhr, Senor Kaos & Number 2) [prod. Sol Messiah]

13. Look for Me (ft. GLC) [prod. God Bless Beats]

14. Concrete Jungle (ft. De La Soul & Señor Kaos)

15. Jeet Kune Do – Punchline & Number 2

16. Dat Ain’t Gone Ride (Remix) (ft. Señor Kaos, Punchline & Phife Dawg) [prod. DJ Rasta Root]

17. Jacuzzi Jap Out (ft. Headkrack, Señor Kaos & Number 2)

18. Made Bail (skit)

19. Escape From Limbo

20. Rap Sucks [prod. K-Rab]*

21. Spectacular Vernacular (ft. Gucci Mane)*

22. Tonight – Attitude & MF Doom [prod. Cash]*

Download via

4-Ize & Gucci Mane “Spectacular Vernacular”

Monday, November 29th, 2010
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These two need to do a ton of songs together ASAP. Borkpackers will not appreciate the wordplay (until they hear the tracks with De La, Phife, Punchline and MF Doom…), but the dexterity these two display on a regular basis is undeniable. This will be on Ize’s Professional Ignorant project with Morgan The Mexican, which should be out 12/2.

BONUS: “Let’cha Boy Go” ft. B.O.B.