Sycorax One ft. Killer Mike “FTW”

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While we don’t normally post some of the more heavily trodden blog fodder, I have to post this here for a few reasons. Emilio Rojas fka Raks One fka Sycorax One (HHI/SoundCircuit days) is from Rochester, NY (as is Green Lantern) and I am obligated to show some hometown pride, Killer Mike rips this shit and it appears on a mixtape named after the single greatest public access television show ever produced. Rojas is a pretty good rapper. He’s come along way from the skinny dreadlocked kid freestyling outside of downtown coffee shops. He is doing songs with Killer Mike.

More important than the music (this song is nice, but sorry), is the acknowledgment of Life Without Shame. Anyone over the age of 25 from Rochester who was even remotely cool was forever changed by the show. It started out as a simple, fun hour promoting local titty joints and ended as a First Amendment martyr. Bum Olympics, entire episodes promoting escort services, stripper brawls and pepperoni-covered nipples. I’m sure no one cares about this, but here are the opening credits:

NY Times article about the controversy

Infamous Rape PSA

I now feel compelled to print up some LWS t-shirts. Oh yea, the song…


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