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If you’re not already familair with the Surf Club collective, take this opportunity to get up. With multiple tracks on the forthcoming Young Money album and work logged for Game’s next glorified production showcase, you will be hearing a lot of them soon. They have already done stuff for Diddy and Polow and are just starting to get some fringe internet attention. Chase N Cashe, Hit Boy, Chili Chil and Co. are all extremely talented both on the mic and on the boards. Cashe and Hit Boy have produced some extremely engaging beats in the past few months, with Chase’s solo instrumental album garnering some great co-signs, and Chili Chil has progressed from a Wayne derivative alien money rapper into a hard-edged, almost haunting lyricist. These guys are merging new sounds with pop sensibilities and have the potential to push the genre into new places as hit-makers… if everything works out they way it should.

I threw together a bunch of random tracks produced by different combinations of crew members with Chili Chil as the main vocal focus. There are a couple early tracks that feature Dick Dale-ish namesake borderline corn, a few radio/club hits that could have easily blown up with some exposure and a bunch of newer, more lush and complex productions. Everything is relatively progressive, no matter how limiting the canvas. I probably should have put the tracks in chronological order for development’s sake, but that would have been taxing.

Download & Enjoy

Chili Chil “Never Lonely” (Prod. by Chase N. Cashe)

Big Bilz “Lifestyle” (Prod. by Chase N. Cashe)

Selections from Chase N. Cashe’s LovEND

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