Supreme Cuts Present: LRAD Chicago (MIX)

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TBH I’m mainly posting this for the new Haleek Maul track that starts around 16:16, it’s just as good as the last two he dropped. Really looking forward to his mixtape with Supreme Cuts now, it comes out in August.
1. LRAD Intro
2. Sich Mang: “The Takeover”
3. Sasha Gohard: “Why They Mad?”
4. The-Drum: “Kray”
5. DJ Gant-Man: “Jungle Juke”
6. Katie Got Bandz: “I Need A Hitta”
7. Supreme Cuts and Haleek Maul: “The Dummy”
8. Supreme Cuts: “Ciroc Waterfalls (Howse Remix)”
9. Run You: “The-Drum”
10. Val Venis: “King Louie”
11. Handle My Business: “Yen Tech”
12. L’s Anthem: “Lil Durk”

Mix via AdHoc, go there to read their extensive and informative annotations.

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