Supa Nova Slom “Abracadabra The True & Living”

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“Fuck up out my space before I photon your face”

If’s forum archive went back further than a couple years I would link you to a thread from a few years back where we discussed how insane Supa Nova Slom was/is. The guy is as equally as crazy as a vegan “medicine man” who has “published” his own “health plan”/Brooklyn Native American Mystic as he is on the mic. He is a terror, pure and simple. Think of Mindbender at his batshittiest only with focus, professionalism, realistic goals and the ability to rap hard as fuck. Here, he samples the like-mindedly crazy Jay Electronica on what can only be described as a tour de force of postmodern fastrap. Listen to this and then google this motherfucker to fully comprehend the multi-level awesomeness.

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