Styles P – The Myth (Prod By Alchemist)

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A nice surprise from Styles’ The Diamond Life Project. Styles is in good form here, but it’s Alchemist who really makes this song special. He’s still capitalizing on the unconventional (and vaguely Madlibian) wave of inspiration that served him so well on Russian Roulette. Instead of sticking to the typical verse/chorus structure he guides Styles through an episodic coke rap journey in 3 acts, complete with smooth evolving beat changes and Sun Ra samples (which drives the Madlib comparison even further.) The song bears whiffs of prog aspirations and it could have easily become a Kanye’sque disaster, but it works because it never comes off like an artistic experiment. Alchemist gently stretches the comfort zone for both Styles and his audience, but he never shatters it for the sake of aesthetics. It still feels like a D-Block song, it’s just a little more imaginative in arrangement than most of their other work.
DOWNLOAD: Styles P – The Myth (Prod By Alchemist)

Props to Geng for the heads up on this one.

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