STS ‘Demand More II’

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Allow yourself to be sucked in by the overwhelming dopeness that is “Ill Street Blues”. Then dig deeper and find yourself completely impressed by the polished jewel that is Sugar Tongue Slim’s Demand More II.

Ill Street Blues ft. Black Thought, Dice Raw and Truck North

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01. Black Thought Intro
02. Dec 5th [prod. Emile]
03. The People [prod. Sean C & LV]
04. I Am The “A”
05. IFTK [prod. MPIII]
06. A Star Is Born
07. @*#$! A Hook [prod. Don Cannon]
08. Ill Street Blues ft. Money Making Jam Boys (Black Thought, Truck North, Dice Raw)
09. Bed Rockin
10. Sole Music (ft. Ming) [prod. Charles & Parafino]
11. Parachute (ft. Cassidy & RL) [prod. Pierre Medor]
12. Soldier of Love
13. Broad & Locust [prod. MPIII]
14. All Comes Back Around feat Sterling Simms [prod. Focus]
15. What She Say [prod. Fuego]
16. Black Thought Outro

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