STREAM: billy woods – Tinseltown (Prod By Blockhead)

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Sometimes I feel like I’m not smart enough to really appreciate billy woods. His rhymes are always incredibly intricate, densely packed with allusions and obscure references; I suspect a sizable chunk of what he’s trying to put across may be going right over my head. Still, I enjoy a lot of his music regardless of my analytic shortcomings. And that’s exactly what happens here. Even if I don’t catch every detail, even if lines like ‘Marvin Harrison passed the iron to Dungy’ need some googling to connect, woods is clearly rapping his ass off. The parts I do understand are very intriguing, and Blockhead provides him with a great platform to work from. That is enough to get me listening, hoping repeat spins will clear up whatever eluded me on first try.
Dour Candy, wood’s full length collaboration with Blockhead, will be released on July 2. More info HERE.

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