SteadyBloggin Soul Review 1: Darondo Legs EP Delux

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I’m going to try my hand at making some compilations for the blog.  Like my other posts these will mostly focus on soul, funk, reggae and whatever other randomness I stumble across.  Some will likely have a central unifying theme, others might just be odds and ends all thrown into one zip.  The name of this illustrious series will be SteadyBloggin Soul Review.

For the first installment I decided to improve on something previously uploaded.  As the new SteadyB rises like a phoenix from Arizona I’m going to take one of my earliest posts (now erased by blogger) and make it better, stronger, faster, sleeker, with racing stripes and fire and gorillas wielding laser chainsaws.  And so I give you SteadyBloggin Soul Review 1: Darondo Legs EP Delux.

To recap the story thus far…  Darondo, a very talented gentleman of leisure, records some very good soul music in California during the 70s which falls into unfortunate obscurity.  Fast forward to the present, his music is rediscovered and championed by the burgeoning soul revival crowd.  A collection called Let My People Go is released in 2006 to high praise from fans and critics.

While Let My People Go got a good amount of attention, there was also a smaller release that year which went relatively unnoticed (it was vinyl only and not many were pressed).  It was called the Legs EP, and consisted of 5 tracks.  Only 1 of these 5 was on Let My People Go.  The others remained unavailable to most casual fans.

Due to his new popularity Darondo was also approached for some guest features, recording several songs with Shawn Lee and Clutchy Hopkins.

So what I did here was take the elusive Legs EP, and combined it with the 3 newer songs.  I also threw in a reworking of Didn’t I.  I’m not sure who did this remix but you might remember it going around the blogs a few years ago.   You’ll have to excuse the sound quality of some tracks included, they were the best I could find.  Only about half of these were in my original post.

Tracklist (samples in blue):

Legs EP

1. Legs

2. Legs instrumental

3. Such a night

4. My momma and my poppa (original version)

5. Packing Up

Additional tracks

6. Love of a woman w. Clutchy Hopkins

7. Playboy bunny w. Sean Lee

8. Stay away from me w. Sean Lee

9. Didn’t I Scrabble


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