Steady Hatin – 2009 The Year In Hate

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Being that we are world class hatologists and it is the end of the year it is only right that we recap all of this years people, places and things that deserved our hate:



Alaska I dont hate her as much as i hate people that give a fuck about her.

Blockhead Like most people, I hate her never ending vagina but i also hate that she looks like angelina jolie if she was a two week old water logged corpse.



Alaska – He finally got his title but he still has purple lips and dates a 14 year old boy with a blond wig….oh thats kate hudson? my bad.

Blockhead – Never trust a man with manicured eye brows and highlights in his hair.

Lady Gaga

Alaska –
It lets you know how much new york sucks now when she is the most interesting thing to come out of new york since 9/11.

Blockhead – Lady Gaga has the image of a lunatic avante guarde street performer yet creates the music that makes drake look like mozart. Because of this, she sucks. She also very likely has a small non-functional penis but that’s more funny than anything.

Glen Beck

Alaska –
He is a blue collar comedy performance artist right?

Blockhead –
I’ve never seen or heard this guy talk. All i know is that the looks like a guy who will likely have a heart attack in the near future and he probably has morton downey jr breath

Tyler Perry


Alaska – like oprah with a beard, and i dont mean steadman…BOOM!

Blockhead – Another guy whom i’ve never seen or heard. From what I can gather he’s some sort of transexual deacon, right?

Kate Gosling


Alaska – Cuntiest face ever

Blockhead – Cuntiest cunt ever! But seriously, caring about her is almost as bad as being her.

Adam Lambert


Alaska – Jack Lambert is rolling in his grave

Blockhead – As is Christopher Lambert. word to the Highlander.

Sarah Palin


Alaska– Her face has the same shape as the guy in mask:

Blockhead – I’d hit it.

Bret Favre


Alaska – I actually love watching his annual December/January collapse.

Blockhead – I’m not a big football guy so I really can’t say much about this squinty ginger.

Michael Jackson


Alaska – Another dead creep, see you in hell fucker. Fuck him and fuck people who are saddened by the news, they should be sterilized.

Blockhead – I was playing basketball when I heard he died. I stopped for a second then continued with my jumpshot. That was the last time I gave a thought to yet another famous stranger I didn’t give a fuck about dying.

Michael Jackson’s Kids


Alaska – they look like japanimation characters

Blockhead – They showed their faces? As far as I know, they look like Saudi Arabian women.

Wives of Politicians and Athletes Who Cheated on Them


Alaska – thats what you get for being frigid

Blockhead – Tiger Woods is a nerd who got rich and famous. This allowed him to live out all his sexual fantasies. I honestly don’t see how anyone can hate him…except his wife but fuck her anyway.
The Cast of New Moon

Alaska – I dont know anyone in this but they all strike me as high school drama kids doing an episode of dawsons creek for their school play.

Blockhead – I don’t hate the cast nearly as much as the retards who made this movie as big as it was. if it wasn’t for some good porn, I’d suggest rounding up all teenaged girls and dumping them off a cliff.



Alaska – If i have to hear any more about how brave she is i might choke her out

Blockhead – She’s beginning to have patti labelle hair and that’s not a good look for anyone.

Ryan Oneil


Alaska – You look like a lesbian
Even I’m not old enough to remember who the fuck this guy is. I know he fucked his daughter or something but who cares? Micheal Jackson died yo!

Balloon Boy


Alaska – Hey dick, at least do the world a favor and fall to your death, instead of just hiding in the shed or whereever the fuck you hid

Blockhead – This was the year of shitty parents whoring their shitty kids with hopes of making some shitty reality show that would be watched by shitheads.
Terminator Salvation


Alaska – Is how i imagine herpes will  feel in the future, boring and painful to look at.

Blockhead – Didn’t see it. I was too busy watching “baby boy” on cable 4 times a day for the last 5 months.

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