Steady Bloggin Presents The Legend of Homebwoi

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Steady Bloggin proudly presents The Legend of Homebwoi, a collection of Girffin, GA’s finest material from the past and present. Original, intense flows, infectious hooks, fantastic beat selection and honest, 9-5 blue collar lyrisicm are what make this guy special and its time that more people paid attention. With his project with DJ Noize, Coming 2 America, dropping July 4th, a spot on Madden 2011 and a new cartoon on the way, now is the perfect time for a refresher course on Homebwoi.


More Homebwoi:
Youtube – HomebwoiTV
Facebook – Homebwoi
MySpace – Homebwoi01

Big Thanks to Alex and The Great John Turner for the cover art. To see more of John’s artwork and contact information please visit

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  1. […] underway on his work prior to signing), we’ve seen less of him and his zany compatriots Homebwoi and Playboy Tre and their old mixtape antics.  STS, who has had a few small breaks (appearing on […]

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