Squadda B – I Smoke Because I Dont Care About Death (mixtape)

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Next level mixtape naming.

Haven’t had a chance to dig into this properly but Squadda’s other mixtapes didn’t disappoint and the songs I’ve already heard from this (posted here and here) are great. Also, Squadda on Pete Rock and Fizzy Womack beats sounds like an interesting proposition.

You can stream/download the mixtape for free from the embed below or directly from the Green Ova bandcamp page.


Full track list with production credits below the jump

1. Outro Talk
2. World Domination featuring MondreM.A.N & Dope G (produced by Squadda B)
3. Pete Rock x Squadda Bambino (produced by Pete Rock)
4. 2012 featuring Robbie Rob (produced by Squadda B & Nem270)
5. Fuck The World featuring MondreM.A.N (produced by Squadda B)
6. Burn (produced by Squadda B)
7. Fakest Year Ever (produced by Clams Casino)
8. Dear Mama (produced by Nem270)
9. SNYL featuring MondreM.A.N (produced by Beautiful Lou)
10. Ice Nites featuring MondreM.A.N (produced by Nem270)
11. Its All Love (produced by Fizzy Womack)
12. Miami (produced by Nem270 & Koolade)
13. Kissin On My Syrup (produced by Clams Casino, D/r period & Nem270)

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