Squadda B – 63 MAINEY (mixtape)

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It’s nice to open the SteadyB inbox to find music I actually want to hear. Case in point – I posted Squadda’s excellent but short Dear America a few weeks ago, and now he sent us his new project (thanks). I have it on right now, so far it’s up to par with the EP and then some. The general tone here is somewhat lighter, but it’s carried in a way that doesn’t feel like a big departure from the druggy pitched down occasionally jittery sound that attracted me to Squadda/Main Attrakionz to begin with.

Here’s the write up Squadda sent along with the file:

Fresh off the online release of “Dear America EP” Squadda B of Main Attrakionz delivers a new “private” project showing off the other side of his musical demeanour. Warming up the world for the upcoming Main Attrakionz mixtape & solo side project fully produced by Clams Casino he quotes “hate it or love it I’m not going anywhere but up, get to know me while its still easy & meet the music head first its nothing but a good time and steady improvement from here family.” enjoy, spread word.

DOWNLOAD: Squadda B – 63 MAINEY (mixtape)

Some of the tracks from here are on youtube, including a nice short video for Hoody Got Holes that draws inspiration from Blacula and shitty tv reception. You can see all that below.

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