Soulja Boy & Tyga “Be Quiet”

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One of my favorite pieces of recent rap minutiae has been Soulja Boy’s discovery of 90’s Memphis rap. For a while he has been building toward a full-on use of the style and it seems like he has settled into it when he isn’t cheffing it up with Lil B. The initial acknowledgement of the adaptation came on “My Clientele”, where SB drops a Kingpin Skinny Pimp reference (while pretty much rocking his style [and voice]). On “Be Quiet” with the venerable Tyga, his first verse is all out Yall Aint No Killaz. One more step towards (critical?) legitmacy for Soulja Boy or just a result of some uncle telling the kid he sounds like KSP? I’m A-OK with being the only person who cares about this, by the way.

Chef Ana Swag Ana Chef

“Be Quiet”

“My Clientele”

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