Soulja Boy & Lil B – The World So Cold

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Not new exactly, the first part of it has been around for a few months, but this is the first time you get to hear the whole thing with the Based God attached. Watching Lil B’s more introspective side start to metastasize within Soulja Boy is kinda fascinating, especially because with the benefit of the internet we get to see it happen in real time right before our very eyes. It’s like being a biologist and having a chance to observe a newly developing life form. I realize this sounds mocking and condescending, but it’s not really meant as such. Quite the opposite, the process is weirdly endearing to me. I get the same feelings watching ducklings trying to fly on Planet Earth.

DOWNLOAD: Soulja Boy & Lil B – The World So Cold

Taken from the Pretty Boy Millionaires mixtape.

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