SortaHuman ‘Lysergic Bliss’

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The SortaHuman boyz stay injesting drugs until they attain Kierkegaardian levels of waviness. Lysergic Bliss is throwed to the core. Country Rap Seinsvergessenheit. Stoner Gang Medusa Touch Raiders.

1.Other Trash 04:38
2.Facebook Ho 05:13
3.Drugs (Feat. Dizzy D) 05:03
4.Somethin Wrong 04:21
5.Hatin’ 04:18
6.Fifths of Drank (Feat. Dizzy D & Yung Tatt) 04:45
7.Stonergang (Feat. Main Attrakionz) 08:08
8.That Smell 03:58
9.Out 2 Da End (Feat. Dizzy D) 02:43
10.Spaced Out 03:32
11.Bar 03:17
12.Cheese Macaroni (Feat. Dizzy D) 04:57
13.Raisin’ Hell (Feat. Dizzy D) 03:09
14.Victory Lap

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