Some stuff from Edan’s band Fiber

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There was a recent interview with Edan where he talks about future projects and mentions working with live instrumentation, which seems like a promising concept.  With that in mind here are a few songs from Edan’s band Fiber (aka Fiber 2001 aka Fiber 2007 depending on which site you check.)  He is listed as playing glockenspiel and marimba, the latter being the thing that the badass mayan in the pic above is jamming on. Their music falls relatively in line with the aesthetic of Beauty and the Beat, mixing elements of hip hop with various forms of psychedelia and free jazz.  It’s mostly instrumental, with the exception of some brief goofy vocals on the Avocados song. As far as I know they’ve never actually released anything officially, however I did come across this handy Soundclick gizmo via their myspace which will let you play the songs and buy them if you so choose.

You can watch the interview I was referring to here

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