Some highlights from the Black Dynamite (Original Motion Picture Score)

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Before I begin….


Moving right along…. one of the many reasons this movie succeeds as a satire is painstaking, almost fetishistic attention to detail in all aspects of the productions. Music was always an integral part of blaxploitation cinema, so the creators made sure to make it a priority here as well.

Que Adrian Younge, who cooked up an incredible original score that works on several levels. Sure, it’s a great hilarious parody on the narrative soundtracks popular in the 70s (this is the kind of soundtrack where the songs actually narrate the action on screen). But beyond that Younge managed to create music that actually sounds like it could have come from one of the movies being sent up. It’s obvious that this was made with great love and reverence for the source material. Here in full force are the infectious melodies, chunky wah wah guitars, sleazy horns, pulsing heavy drums – all the staples that made these soundtracks almost more notable than the movies they framed. These aren’t just novelty tracks that get tiresome as the joke wears off. This is just good ass music period. Some of it just happens to have hilarious lyrics.

Keeping with the ‘dancing about architecture’ theory I’m gonna shut my jive ass mouth and give you some examples. I tried to pick songs that give away the least amount of plot in the narration but still showcase the best that this score has to offer.


Chicago Wind

Jimmy’s Dead (instrumental)

I posted another song from this score about a month ago when it was leaked as a preview. It’s called Shot Me In The Heart, you can check it out here

Waxpoetics (which released this album) made a nice little short behind the scenes/making off feature, which gets a little deeper into the process and the influences that went into the music.

Big, massive, hugemongous, elephant dick sized props to Verge.

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