Sole & The Skyrider Band – “Plastique” (Album Review)

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As Steady Bloggin’s sole Sole listener I’ve been peeping his effort on Tim Holland’s (Sole’s gubment name) brand new baby Plastique. A heady endeavor by any measurement when accounting for the often cacophonous marriage of samples and live instrumentation. While I applaud the idea, the enthusiasm invoked by the headphone result is claustrophobic when it should resemble something spacious, enraged and organically volatile (no complaints from vegans, please). Probably the most annoying aspect of Plastique is Sole’s constant struggle to audibly translate his fervor above the earthquake of beats hovering overhead.

Anyone remotely familiar with Sole’s past works knows the man is a professional purveyor of scathing quotables. And you needn’t fret now because Sole launches them with fervor (if you can manage to decipher them in the tornado of tunes tearing through every single song). One of Sole’s strong points is his ability to weave a thread that covers everything from Palestine to Wal-Mart to VH1 in the span of a three-minute song.

That being said, while I’ve read of this album being that of a pungent political manifesto reclaiming…….something? Tim Holland’s innumerable beefs with the world’s social injustices and class warfare is subject matter richly mined many moons ago by Public Enemy, X-Clan, Ice Cube etc. This reality puts an essentially unshakable damper over the nine songs comprising Plastique.

Sole deserves big kudos for continuing to redefine his artistry in 2009. But Live from Rome and even Uck Rt are infinitely more compelling. We’ll undoubtedly hear from the man again sooner than later. If nothing else, peep it because dude rocks Crocs in promo pictures. How can you front on that?


Stream The Album In Its Entirety Here

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