Slowed down Rush sounds like Black Sabbath

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HOOOOLLYYYY SHIIIIIT…This is one of my most favorite random internet finds in a while.

I hate Rush with tremendous passion, despite having a rather strong personal penchant for self-indulgent guitar rock. I could probably go on a 40 page rant about why this band is full of shit, but I’ll spare you and stick to the point of this post. Which is this slowed down edit of Rush’s “Working Man”, found on Dave Quam’s blog.

Just as the post title says, this edit makes Rush sound like Black Sabbath (ie awesome). I know that’s unlikely, yet here we are. The guitars are turned leaden, and the vocals are freed from Lee’s trademark “my balls are perpetually stuck in a vice” affectations. The results are striking. Quam sums it up rather well in his original post: “Looks like the main problem with Rush (aside from them being wankers) is they were at the wrong speed.”

Rush – Working Man (slowed edit)

If anybody has any info at all on who made the edit, or just more slowed down Rush that sounds like this, please let me know.

EDIT: Found a youtube video for a different edit that attempts the same thing, it’s now embedded at the top of the post. I still like the first one better, but the video is great in its own right. BTW, big shout out to everybody below for making this my favorite non-spambot comment section ever, keep it coming. I’m off to don my hipster skinny jeans and rock out to Papa Roach.

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44 Responses to “Slowed down Rush sounds like Black Sabbath”

  1. Music Appreciator says:

    Hilarious that he’s looking for more Rush too! Just breaking into it slowly… Needs to be edited for him now. Maybe one day he’ll come round. Poor fella.

  2. Music Appreciator says:

    Oh and buddy who says Geddy sounds like a 10 year old. That 10 year old could get more pussy than you may ever dream of friend!

  3. Music Appreciator says:

    What a dingle… A 40 page rant eh? Can’t get the song title right?
    What’s that..? Rush is one of the greatest drivers of progressive modern rock ever, have made 18+ studio albums and will forever be in the “limelight”. Good luck with future music posts friend. Truly a voice of the people!

  4. 40 Comments In, and.... says:

    Has anybody brought up the fact that you called the song in the video, “This slowed down edit of Rush’s ‘Working Man’, found on Dave Quam’s blog?”
    This is “Tom Sawyer,” dude. When does he say “working man” in this entire song? Do your diligence.

  5. KHShayne says:

    OH, and this sound NOTHING like Black Sabbath. Again, you’re on crack.

  6. KHShayne says:

    Rush is one of the greatest bands to grace the planet with their music. You’re on crack my friend.

  7. Monkeys says:

    I don’t know about Black Sabbath but I have to say this takes Rush to a whole new level. Hell I was able to sit through the whole song!

  8. rush is a piece of shit says:

    Seriously , this song is 10 times better than the original version. That vocalist sounds like 10 year old normally. Now he sounds like a real man

    Great video

  9. Hot Turd says:

    It sounds like your mom choking on my BIG 10 Inch!

  10. Eat Shit says:

    You only hate RUSH because you are a Justin Bieber fan. Man who that fuck do you think you are? You have no idea what “good” is. BTW your mom plays a mean skin flute!

  11. YOUr MOM SUCKS says:


  12. bluesclues says:

    You are a stoopid arrogant dolt.

    go ahead and continue not enjoying the music of Rush. No one will miss you. and most sincerly enjoy the music that you find enjoyable.

    but please, your post is just otherwise . . . . . stooopid!

    best of luck always!

  13. Sara says:

    How does this sound like Black Sabbath? Listen to some REAL music, like Rush.

  14. kissmyasthma99 says:


  15. Dylan says:

    ” Rush sucks for (MANY) several reasons:
    ghetty lee (or however you spell it) looks like a battered house wife
    ghetty lee (or however you spell it) sounds like a child who has yet to complete the
    final stages of puberty
    he is not the greatest bassist of all time
    the death of salesman (or whatever you call it) is not in any way shape or form, an awesome song.
    the drummer is isn’t anything special
    the guitarist, forget about it…boring

    rush sucks ”

    First: its Geddy Lee.

    Second: yes, he has a high voice, but, what he does with that voice is good, and talented. Sorry if you people who dislike Rush so much don’t see that.

    Third: Looks have NEVER made the musician…look at Bach or Beethoven, ugly guys who composed some of if not the greatest music of all time.

    Fourth: No, he isn’t the greatest bass player of all time, but he is definetely in the upper echelons of bass players. Better than anybody on this thread could probably ever hope to be.

    Fith: Limelight, Tom Sawyer, YYZ, The Trees, Red Barchetta, Working Man, Fly By Night, By-Tor, Cygnus X1, 2112, Resist (Live version), Roll the Bones, Between the Wheels, Far Cry, Armor and Sword, are all amazing songs and the list of them goes on and on…

    Sixth: “The Drummer isn’t anything special”…Are you kidding me? Neil Peart is, like Lee, in the discussion of greatest drummer of all time. I would say it is impossible to rank a Number 1 anything, but he is definetely in the discussion, and for good reason.

    Seventh: I again would disagree. Alex Lifeson is a damn fine guitarist and all around musician. He comes up with great riffs, and is I would say far from “boring”.

    Last: I’m sorry you think Rush sucks. I’m sorry you can neither enjoy, nor realize how good their music really is. That said, I hope you do one day come to grips with reality that they are in fact, an outstanding band.

  16. Rushfan1337 says:

    Alright you cocky lil’ asshole, I don’t know what your mama taught you, but you leave Rush the FUCK ALONE!!! Without Rush…the Earth would have exploded or something… You’ve heard of the Butterfly Effect….and by the way THis is shit…the Whole point of Rush is the wonderfulness and intensity of the three musicians, What are you too dumb to comprehend Neil Pert’s drum work?? Or the fact your totally jealous of how diverse and ecstatic of the Geddy Vocals? And by the way deuche you try playing Bass/ synth and sing at the same time!! I mean You not only insulting Rush… But you think Black Sabbath could sound this shitty? Quite smoking the crack and go fornicate yourself with a fucking Red Hot Metal Pole. Fucking asshole Haters…

  17. Omnishred says:

    This doesn’t sound like Black Sabbath in the least. Just because it’s now a slower tempo and a lower pitch doesn’t mean it sounds like Black Sabbath. I’d like to hear why you think Rush is terrible, by the way. Very solid guitar work, solid vocals and some of the best drum patterns and bass playing in the world of rock. Let me know of a Black Sabbath song that isn’t in 4/4 or 8/8 lawl

  18. Skiidmark says:

    I’m pretty sure this is the biggest bullshit I’ve heard in a long time. It doesn’t sound like Black Sabbath at all unless you consider every slow song with guitar a BS song. Just makes this great song suck ass…

  19. lolasaurus rex says:

    Rush sucks but you listen to papa roach in skinny jeans? Thank for showing the idiocy of this generations taste in music. Go fuck yourself in a blender.

  20. Reason says:

    Green_mile knows where it’s at. Both bands are extremely excellent and you can’t deny the enormous talent that each band possesses. Despite all the retards (and possibly emo) that from what i can see, inexplicably think ill of Rush, i wont let your self centered musical imperialism reflect on how I view the Sabbath. And that slowed edit of working man only accomplishes to sound like a really awesome song, only slowed down.

  21. Empathy says:

    @fuckuall you don’t really have a point, so i should like their music because they are good people? Shit I like Led Zep even though half of their songs are stolen, that means they are bad people, BUT their music is good. Rush blows, you use the argument that the people that read this blog must be stupid, and yet look who we have found here…. you. I would agree that the musicians themselves are impressive, but their music is shit. I have come to the conclusion that you need to jump off Rush’s dick and listen to some good music, like Black Sabbath, Led Zep, etc. As for not liking music because the musicians are smart, I listen to Offspring and their lead singer has a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology.

    Coming down to it, this is an interesting music video, they don’t really sound like Black Sabbath – with exception to the guitar riff – but interesting find.

  22. Bryan says:

    Sounds nothing like Black Sabbath.

    However, I will agree with you that Rush is terrible.

  23. FuckUall says:

    All you douche bag wanna be emo hipster faggots will never be able to fathom the awesome that is Rush. Yeah a band with 30+ albums sucks…lol
    Geddy Lee’s voice is the way it is because of surviving cancer on his vocal cords, on top of that he is an extremely talented bass player AND also plays synth/keyboards. I would like to see you no talent faggots even try to play one instrument or sing. Neil Peart isn’t anything special? Yeah because all you hipster avenged sevenfold listening knuckleheads jam to bands that have drummers with PhDs right?
    I know this rant is lost on 90% of the people reading this lame ass blog because they don’t use big words in the third grade. Why don’t you faggots shut the fuck up and listen when grown ups are talking, you might learn something, also that slowed down video sounds nothing like black sabbath you stupid homodouche.

  24. Franco says:

    Lighten up, fellas. Hell, I like Rush and even I think this version is fuckin’ great.
    Sounds like a drag queen rockin out.

  25. green_mile says:

    This sounds nothing like Black Sabbath, how are going to make comparisons like that?
    I love both the bands, each one is awesome. Sorry that so many hate rush, I was taken aback by them when I first heard “all the worlds a stage” album, but i found myself listening to it constantly, I was too scared to listen “sabbath bloody sabbath” but when Dio, who I was a big fan of from Rainbow, came on board I burned out “heaven and hell” Never liked the Ozzy years, but I loved Ozzy on his solo career. I will admit, that I was not a big fan of “moving pictures” but i’ve dug most every other album that they’ve made “2112” come on, that’s the shit in conceptual music, set the stage for bands like Queensryche “Operation Mindcrime” which kicked ass too….

  26. Andrew says:

    No. Rush is music for people who find van art tasteful. Yes they’re incredibly talented, but my god is their music cheezy. My god that slowed down edit is epic though.

  27. Candian says:

    Just so you know- Rush made progressive rock mainstream – if not for them, this black sabbath would still be underground and you would have probably never even heard it. Idiot.

  28. Nick says:

    Just so you know this song was from before geddy lee and neil peart were in the band. Also I always thought the song sounded like sabbath when its played at regular speed anyway…

  29. Redzin says:

    Slowed down Rush sounds awesome.

    I don’t understand how you can hate Rush so pationately. I’m not really a fan, but they’ve made some good songs. And even if you don’t think they’ve made ANY good songs, then why not just move along?

    Bunch of douchebags.

  30. Awesome says:

    I was going to rant about how this the stupidest post but screw it. Black Sabbath (Dio and Ozzy) is awesome. Rush is awesome.
    You hipster douché bags don’t know shit.

  31. lurch says:

    Geddy Lee is his name, not getty, not getti. Morons abound around here. I don’t even like Rush and I know that.
    Prog=self-indulgent wankery

  32. Morgan says:

    All you Prog “fans” are the same. If someone doesn’t like it, you claim intellectual superiority. What you fail to realize is is music is meant to evoke inner emotion. So essentially, prog is for schizophrenics.

  33. sulfarmiles says:

    Rush sucks for (MANY) several reasons:
    ghetty lee (or however you spell it) looks like a battered house wife
    ghetty lee (or however you spell it) sounds like a child who has yet to complete the
    final stages of puberty
    he is not the greatest bassist of all time
    the death of salesman (or whatever you call it) is not in any way shape or form, an awesome song.
    the drummer is isn’t anything special
    the guitarist, forget about it…boring

    rush sucks

  34. Dave says:

    Why the fuck should he have to explain his taste music? Rush fucking sucks. Deal with it, faggots!

  35. ya'll stupid says:

    play what neil peart and getti lee do and then come tell me they suck
    the fact that u have to slow them down to make it sound like black sabbath just shows their superiority
    anyone who hates rush is a tasteless jerk off

  36. rushsucks says:

    I don’t think Rush really sucks, but I think it’s fun to say Rush sucks just to piss off Rush fans.

  37. Phil says:

    Please full me in on why Rush sucks and why you hate them? I would love to hear it from a talentless hack like you.

  38. Brian says:

    my main problem with rush is that they are wayyyy more famous than they should be. Talented, sure. But how many really great songs do they have? like two. And how many really bad ones? yeahhhh

  39. jack says:

    id love to hear your 40 minute rant about why rush is full of shit. I think your just ignorant and probably listen to papa roach or hanson

  40. fosterakahunter says:

    If you’re saying you don’t like Rush, you gotta do better than that and come with an actual reason. They’re sound may be too progressive for your tastes.

  41. Alex Lifeson says:

    Well I don’t agree with the past comments, but you sir are a jackass.

  42. Dave Quam says:

    haha yeah dude, it’s fucking awesome, and I hate Rush so much. I have no idea who made this, and the guy who sent me it kind of vanished. If i talk to him again I will try to get info for ya

  43. ESEUNO says:

    crazy yo.

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