Shafiq Husayn – Shafiq En’ A-Free-Ka (Album Preview)

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Shafiq Husayn came up around the Zulu Nation in the 80’s and paid his dues producing for Ice-T during his heyday, from there he has grown as a producer, songwriter and arranger. He went on to produce for Donald D, King Tee (Tha Trifflin’ Album/IV Life) and Lord Finesse (The Return of The Funky Man). As a founding member of Sa-Ra Creative Partners, Shafiq has been responsible for some of the most innovative music in the past ten years.

Sneak Previews:

The U.N. Plan
Cheeba feat. Bilal
Major Heavy feat. Sonny Coates & Count Bass D
Egypt feat. Jessie West & Kahil Sadiq

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