Shady Blaze – Rappers Ain’t $​#​!​% Without A Producer (MIXTAPE)

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Shady Blaze hooks up with an all-star cast of based/post-based (buzzwordz!!!) producers to experiment with a range of styles. Squadda B, Beautiful Lou, Ryan Hemsworth, Keyboard Kid, Nem270, Yung Dree, Silky Johnson, Julian Wass, Clams Casino, L.W.H, and Shady himself all make appearances on the boards. Danny Brown and Western Tink make cameos.

Shady’s motormouth rapping remains just as consistently good here as it has been on his previous mixtapes, but the quality of production is not quite as uniform. To clarify, none of these beats are bad but some do work a lot better than others. In all fairness, it’s hard to judge the strength of individual collaborations based on so little evidence. It’s quite possible/likely that individual Shady+producer pairings that made a lesser impact here would work much better in the context of a full project. Ultimitaly, there’s not a single beatmaker on this list that I wouldn’t want to work with Shady for at least an EP.


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