Shady Blaze – Machine Gun Spit

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This is taken from Shady’s new self-produced mixtape Shady Buziness, which isn’t quite as good as his last one. Shady is a competent producer but he’s not on Squadda’s level, at least not yet. There are also some stylistic experiments here that don’t quite work. Shady’s rapping remains top notch though, and that is the mixtape’s main strength by far. The double-time delivery is again the highlight, which is why I’m singling out this particular song as my favorite (I think it’s one of his more successful production efforts too) :

You can stream/download the whole mixtape via bandcamp (disregard the BUY tag on the widget, the download is free).

Space Age Hustle has a far more indepth review that I generally agree with, go read it.

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