School Of Sharks Presents: The Broady Sessions (A Grilchyface/Steadybloggin Exclusive)

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When Marq first sent me the Snake Eyes Vs Storm Shadow mixtape he also threw in some unreleased raw Broady Champs sessions to be included as a bonus. Due to the large overall volume of material, I decided to save them for a separate post. Marq also wrote a foreword about how this music came about, in the process providing some invaluable background information about his career and experiences in the music industry. So here they are: The Broady Sessions.

Well… I had gotten a couple g’s for a single (back when you could get dough like that for like 2-3 songs lol) but it was a hectic time in my life. Lot of hustling but I was supposed to do a whole album for Subverse. I actually was spending like days at a time wit Big Juss and Scienz of Life, just chilling and vibing and recording. I had met Doom in 99 and used to just build on the phone wit him a lot as well. He actaully told me when I get my budget he’d produce my whole shit for like $200 a beat. Shit was looking really, really good for the kid goin into 2001, when my single dropped. I felt like my album was gonna be an underground classic. Shit I even ran into El-P in Atlanta around the time and he was like “yeah I heard your single, I like it” so I was feeling real confident.

Then, the harsh label devil politics shit started in. I just started feeling a “vibe”, like somethin was “off”. I’m calling Subverse offices getting a run around like WTF is goin on? They invited me to do Rocksteady concert in 01 as well, so to kind of backhand them I rolled with my team, Broady Champs and we tore that shit DOWN!!! Like there’s footage of well known underground legends losing their shit at that show! But anyways, after we tore it down I wanted my whole team to get signed and communications just stopped between me and the label. I was offered like $8,000 for an album tho’ and declined it because I thought I was worth more and because it took so long to get that other couple g’s. I was selling weed and shit and surviving living wit some chick in her dorm room, lolz….Hard times. That showed me that that a label didnt really give a fuck about me.

I went in with my team Broady Champs: N.Y.C.E who is now Huey P Capone, Abnormal who is now Buddy Leezle, Point God and Scholar Golden. Everyone hailed from the East Coast but we all linked up in Atlanta in the late 90’s. These are the cats I would roll with outside of music, getting into trouble, lolz…..All talented and everyone in the crew had a different style. Also if we were all in the same spot expect chaos and intimidation. Ask some of your favorite artists……..there was some tension when Broady was around. So we just did local shows and recorded at my crib. All heartfelt hiphop. No label, no bullshit just me and my brothers getting busy. Them dudes are my heart to this day and Broady was like my college experience. We got so many chapters of music. Easily like 10 yrs worth. MF Grimm ended up hearing 1 of our tapes in 2004 and signed us to Day By Day and we dropped an album. Other than that, we did our own tapes and sold em on the street and at shows.

I dunno if I’ve been blessed or cursed but I’ve had like 6 deals and never dropped an album. All indie. I hate labels and politics. I like real interactions with real people. I don’t need to be a whore for a dollar or kiss ass. I do this shit from the heart g. I have my lil voice online or whatever, so I just been dropping shit thru School of Sharks, which is Broady and artists and writers and people I consider fam.

This here is rawness, unmixed and unmastered. Just a couple street kids with a mic. Fux it we got like a decade worth of music – may as well let people hear it, mixed or unmixed or whatever knawmean.

An album with Kno (fully mixed and mastered) should hopefully be dropping soon. An ep including never before heard Doom production and bangers from Lex Boogie and Willie Green also coming.

-Marq Spekt

School Of Sharks Presents: The Broady Sessions by Steadybloggin

DOWNLOAD: School Of Sharks Presents: The Broady Sessions (A Grilchyface/Steadybloggin Exclusive)

As always, huge thanks to John Turner Jr for the artwork.

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