San Quinn “I’m Wet” & “I’m Alright”

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Two yacht-worthy jamz from the new San Quinn album that make me really want to hear Quinn and Pieces of Man-era AZ trade verses. “I’m Alright” features (dope ass rapping and) a very classy apology for his beef with Messy Marv. Dignified. For what it’s worth, I recently decided that From A Boy To A Man has achieved personal classic status for this thug.

I’m Wet

I’m Alright

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4 Responses to “San Quinn “I’m Wet” & “I’m Alright””

  1. done says:

    If only. Or a Husalah/Rob Lo/Traxamillion album with just Mob Figaz features.

  2. steadybloggin says:

    I’m with ya. I just wish he would limit the guest appearances on his stuff, but that pretty much applies to everyone in the Bay.

  3. done says:

    The single with Los Rakas also goes pretty hard.

  4. done says:

    Glad to see there’s someone else looking forward to Quinn’s new album. Rappers from the bay have strong defenses against falling off but Quinn may be the only one whos gotten consistently better as hes gotten older and that voice ages like wine.

    Agree on From A Boy To A man. I really liked the album he did with Jacka, Mess & Hus’ and the one with Keak was cool too.