Sade+Z-Ro – Cherish The Day + Respect My Mind (Chopped&Screwed Mashup)

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So, the promised Sade+Jay-Z remix/collaboration dropped a little while ago, and on first try it’s … boring. The Sade part is fine, but once we get to Jay the song just kinda sits there in your headphones sheepishly, not sure what its supposed to be doing, hoping to skate by on the virtue of its own existence. Maybe it will grow on me, for now no dice.
I’d like to offer up this similar minded stoney youtube gem as an alternative (courtesy of somebody named Drobitussin). The two songs being mashed are an obvious natural match, Z-Ro’s song samples Sade’s to begin with. And since the music of both parties lends itself rediculously well to the chopped & screwed treatment , doing it here feels pretty natural too. The results are a bit awkward and rough around the edges, even allowing for the chopping factor some of the mixing feels run-on and it could use more Z-Ro . But even with its faults this concoction still adds up to a moment of off-kilter sonic bliss that the Jay-Z remix fails to become.
Sade+Z-Ro – Cherish The Day + Respect My Mind (Chopped&Screwed Mashup)

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